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  1. -Raven-

    Image files appearing as an icon only

    Hey guys, One things been bugging me for ages and ages when I go on this forum and its that I can never seem to view image files  :? If I recall correctly I could view images on the odd thread or two but mostly they never showed up when opening the "spoiler" tabs. Does anyone know if theres any...
  2. -Raven-

    No servers on server list????

    Heya guys for months now ive been unable to play Warband multiplayer since for some reason theres absolutly no servers appearing on the server list for me :\ I just left it hoping they would come back but after checking again recently its still not happening :\ I tried all the solutions on the...
  3. -Raven-

    Devil May Cry Mod??

    I was wondering has anyone ever considered making a small minimod of all the weapons and equipment from DMC for Warband?? Would be awesome to have the Dante hairstyle with long red trenchcoat with my dual custom 45s and Rebellion (the massive sword) :twisted: And probs even virgils awesome...
  4. -Raven-

    "Um...Yes I had Heard"

    See whenever you send a companion out to spread the word of your claim and increase your right to rule? I asked one of my companions, Lezalit and he said "Um...Yes I had heard"...I guess its because of the way certain companions hate others and he doesnt like the party now and if I ask him how...
  5. -Raven-

    Graphical Enhancement 3?

    Does anyone know if GE 3 is still alive or is it completely dead? :( GE 2.5 was amazing but I'm not sure if its for Warband or not.
  6. -Raven-

    Is this mod dead?

    Just asking cos on the original thread its locked and the last post was on November 2008 :S, like 2 years ago. Does anyone know if its still alive or not? TPW looks awesome but I cant download it cos it takes 18 hours lol. Plz reply thx guys :)