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  1. GreenLight7

    Will you add..

    I watched game video,and what i see,no camp and other menu,no overall menus that were in warband,you can not camp,in options of warband there are percentage of difficulty and maybe other things that are not in bannerlord.This colour division of countries uninspires people to play,for example as...
  2. GreenLight7

    Poll to bring attention on dialect

    In many games now creators put "science" termins(scientific termins,words) instead of normal(simple,without surplus) words,this is poll,you can vote-you want some linguistica from crazy scientist theories(Like your Big Grandfather was MONKEY)?you can go to fantasy games.This game,as all see,have...
  3. GreenLight7

    Evolution is wrong,Development is right

    I noticed that in game you used word evolution but right is DEVELOPMENT. Evolution is a theory that is dumb itself and have false base,on the sand constructed.if Someone wants to prove that God is not exist,he must first 1.Prove that God not try man by showing him not right provement. in second...
  4. GreenLight7


    Мне кажется,или игра сырая?Некоторые обзоры- а им теперь нет резона вообще что-то допиливать. Пошли по старому пути - деньги нам, а допиливают пусть фанаты-мододелы. Это причем они не сами придумали, Беседка раньше начала такой фигней страдать. Вобщем, поиграл я вечерок вчера и что сказать -...
  5. GreenLight7


    I hope that you will not add part of base game as dlc,and will add them as traditional-Napoleonic,Vikings,fire and sword..And steam,i want to buy game without steam,,hehe. Also add one base version of game,that modders,old mods,or mods who have in them anything like...
  6. GreenLight7

    Base game,and save files

    Can you add feature to edit save games,and also some instrument,or panel to play some version of game,or add versions above base game,in one word,modding dies when version updates,so need some unchanged version,base for mods to run.When warband was 1.153 version there were tons of mods that i...
  7. GreenLight7

    Moderation teams

    How would you rate work of moderators,and who is best moderator by your opinion.And who is,khm,khm have flaws? Best of my encountered is Orion,Delianard have flaws.
  8. GreenLight7

    Mods with new features.

    Suggest a mod where you can build your own castle,town,village.And mods with relatively new features,if you know some.
  9. GreenLight7

    Mod suggest topic(generally only)

    Suggest mod where you can build your own settlement,castle,best-Town. I know  Nova Aetas.
  10. GreenLight7

    Mod Suggesti

    Suggest mod where you can build your own settlement,castle,best-Town.
  11. GreenLight7

    Castle Building

    In Warband there are mods where you can build your castle,town from zero,Is it hard to make provinces,and for that provinces reserved places to make castle,town.Besides that in every province reserved place to have N castle/castles,N town/towns,for ai you could make several places to birth of...
  12. GreenLight7


    Hi,can you say does this files that i replace make other mods not work?
  13. GreenLight7


    Dynasty will present there,with flag,arms and crest?
  14. GreenLight7


    Hi,on 1.173 floris names of soldiers are 11 sarranid archer,H4 Swadian Kriegzel,where can i remove those H4,11,12 from troop names?
  15. GreenLight7


    Can you suggest done,or almost done-ALMOST,not half, not fantasy mods to play?
  16. GreenLight7


    Make optional to choose version,when playing make option to choose-keep other versions,remove and update.Do it for...every 0.05 version,so people can play mods,not recieve updates and two weeks played progress,save,unplayable.And mod unplayable
  17. GreenLight7


    It will be released in 2019,2020?
  18. GreenLight7

    Diplomacy for 1.173

    Can anyony click link to download diplomacy 1.173?