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  1. when can we expect next big update please

    i was wondering, when the game first came out it was updated daily now all i see lately are small fixes, now i understand we have the corona and all that stuff going on around the world and i'm not writing this to rush the devs in any way shape or form but can we please get a idea of what they...
  2. Changing Companion Names

    chnaging their names in their stats window does not save when you exit that screen.
  3. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.2

    can we please please please please get Auto Block and/or steam workshop for the mods that are alrdy out. thank you keep up the good work :)
  4. Changing Companion Names

    i managed to do solution 2 but when i make my companion a lord, his name revert back, any way to change it again or something?
  5. Building pc for Bannerlord

    hey, whaat do you guys think about this case?
  6. Place your bets, what DLC do you want to see?

    CO-OP would be the best and Asian culture with Katana
  7. Building pc for Bannerlord

    everything in the news right now is about amd gpu's having big issues, was going to go with 1660 nvidia, ti or super
  8. Building pc for Bannerlord

    well a cooler is on the list as well, i just don't put those on the list. also i'm not planning on ovefr clocking so i don't see a reason for over heating much

    @AJIexander so what gpu do you think I should get? The 32g ram is a must btw.
  10. Building pc for Bannerlord

    Theres a game that's in development at the moment and the rec specs for it are 32g ram while min is 16g ram
  11. Building pc for Bannerlord

    I understand the all intel is better, but when u take intel vs amd for the same price point, amd is better, also when it's time to upgrade cpu, most likely u can stay with the same motherboard on amd, intel most likely you would need to replace the motherboard as well.

    I need 32 g of ram for a specific game, and no I dont work with graphics, this build need to be for gaming recording gaming/streaming and editing after the fact.
  13. Building pc for Bannerlord

    Also, I want 32g ram for a specific game I seen the min req is 16 and recommended ram is 32
  14. Building pc for Bannerlord

    Wait, so 3600 is better then 3600x?

    what do you think about this one guys?
  16. Building pc for Bannerlord

    ok guys, what do you think of this one?
  17. Pre-Order

  18. Pre-Order

    i know this is the wrong thread, but how do i register my games with my profile here please?
  19. Pre-Order

    So they way it goes is that you can buy the ultimate Butterlord edition, and you get the base game, 2 free future dlc's, a crown replica, a map of calrdia and a free supply of butter for a year, and all that for only $129.99 + Tax where applicable.
  20. Pre-Order