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  1. NW 3D Art question

    how can I give a 3d model a texture
  2. NW 3D Art question

    anyone here got any ww2 weapon resources I can use?
  3. NW Scening I have a question about multiplayer map making

    how can I pick the spawns for factions
  4. WB 3D Art I messed up the projectiles now my game keeps crashing

    is there any way to fix this? i put everything back to default in morghs it still keeps crashing when i pick one of the factions
  5. NW 3D Art i got an issue with modding when i see the item in the picture but then in game im naked

    has anyone else had this issue or does anyone know how to fix it?
  6. WB 2D Art can someone help with warband modding?

    sometimes when I edit the texture and go in game to check if it works the texture is just blank white does anyone know how to fix this?