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  1. Battle of Sulcoit [postponed, view page 15]

    Sign me up for the vikings :)
  2. Robin Hood (1193 A.D.)

    Yeah, I really want to know the progress.

    I prefer b and c....
  4. Robin Hood (1193 A.D.)

    Awesome!! Crossing my fingers worked! :D
  5. Robin Hood (1193 A.D.)

    Lets just cross our fingers..

    Awesome, I wanted a mod without cavalry, going to download when it releases :)
  7. Robin Hood (1193 A.D.)

    That would be better...
  8. Robin Hood (1193 A.D.)

    Last Active: August 13, 2010, 11:14:38 AM It's pretty difficult that he is going to reply...
  9. SP Other Beer, War and Teutonic Knights

    You changed it a bit for v 0.5? Awesome! :D
  10. Haralus is being VERY GREEDY

    This made me lol :D
  11. Robin Hood (1193 A.D.)

    Yeah I know, I couldn't imagine myself going to an enemy really silently :P
  12. Traductor for story

    Already sent it :) I have checked it but im not sure if there are errors, maybe PadrePio can look at it.
  13. Traductor for story

    Working on the text, im at the middle of it. It is very entertaining to read it too :D
  14. [WB]troy-mod (no public alpha)

    Veluca and Chaeza are innaccesible, they are in a mountain, nobody can get out nor inside, this makes a lot of villagers to get stuck and a lot of lords, making the map to lag. And there is a bridge in the middle of the ocean, I think you gotta work on some bugs first..
  15. Traductor for story

    Ok, I'll try to do it pretty good and as fast as possible, if I can't finish today, it's because I have homework >.<
  16. Robin Hood (1193 A.D.)

    He is talking about Robin Hood mod, and Damocles hasn't logged in for almost a month, so I really think that this mod is dead.
  17. Traductor for story

    Well, my first language is Spanish, I speak English pretty good but not perfectly, depending on how long it would take, maybe I can help :)
  18. If you were to use an all archer army...

    I've tried it and it is really fun how the millions of arrows just fly to the enemies and I see 3 or 4 dead every shot.