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  1. So how do we like the new leveling in 1.4.3? I'm not sure but it 'feels' better anyways. Gonna show some MCs

    That´s a nice discussion but you forget one thing, Warband is just the better game when it comes down to gameplay. Bannerlord is for CoD players as Callum said, they want it more action paced. TW just wants to sell it, Graphics and simple Gameplay already sold it. If you want depth, wait for...
  2. Scrap the "main story"

    It´s totally worth to focus on some 08/15 story and don´t imrpove the AI
  3. I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    The point is, Rimworld was more complete after 1 year EA for a cheaper price than Bannerlord will be in 2 years. And they didn´t claim "around" a year. Just stop comparing good games to this ****.
  4. Something is rotten in Calradia

    Yea, this refactor is the best exucuse after: Bro, it´s EA Bro, you shouldn´t have bought it Bro, modders will fix it
  5. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    The solution is the 4th hotfix of course :D .
  6. Is the game in a good state atm?

    Play other games, Bannerlord may be worth playing when the mod tools are out. Modders > TW.
  7. I simply don't want to play the game and that's sad.

    So Rimworld also claimed to be in EA one year and cost 39,99€ when it was released? Good comparison... A pretty good game, which used EA as it should be, developed by like 1 dev most of the time against this?
  8. gib 1.4.4 today

    This thread doesn´t make sense, 1.4.4 will hit when it´s ready. Don´t expect anything from it. Only some bugs fixed and some new bugs added, as always. As if they can do more :grin: That´s the problem, it´s not like they don´t want to do more, but they just can´t.
  9. Bannerlord roadmap please

    Don´t waste your time, it´s complete. It´s just bug fixing. But have fun talking about stuff that will never make into the game unless modders do it :smile: Sure they will add some armor/weapon here, some scene (they claim unigque scenes for all castels/towns/villages) there, but that´s it.
  10. Dear Callum

    Do I understand you correct that you´re not even believing one of the TW devs?
  11. Dear Callum

    Does it even matter? Is "your" opinion more worth if you have more posts or joined 5 years ago when TW was still show casing feautes in their dev blogs which will never be in the game? An argument is good, if it´s a good argument...
  12. Something is rotten in Calradia

    This kid is 11 years older than you if 91 was the year you was born. :smile: But I see you have a lot of valid argmuents. Exactly! But their "arguments" are still the same: Dont buy because EA Dont be negative Personal insults Mods will/have fixed it And whatever, I´ve heard them all.
  13. Complete lack of Immersion

    EA games are just what betas where 10 years ago, free to participate. Helping the devs to improve the game. Those times are gone. Now devs sell their unfinished product as this beta stuff and call it EA. Sad times. But a lot of people are fine with this. There are also a lot of good EA games...
  14. Should I start a new beta 1.4.3 playthrough now?

    Nope, not much has changed. Still some minor improvements here and there, some major bugs here and there. Wait. The AI is still dumb and most of the stuff you expect to work after 2 months are still placeholders. If you play for the main quest then you have a major improvment. If you play for...
  15. Something is rotten in Calradia

    Best argument! But if I don´t buy and play it, how can I know that Bannerlord is "bad"? Seems legit.
  16. [1.4.3] Is there a way to marry my brother to anyone right now ?

    This guy also could´t get it to work: So I think it´s just not possible.
  17. Had i known development was going to be this slow for the single-player experience, i wouldn't have bought Bannerlord.

    They shouldn´t sell the game for a triple AAA price then. You knowm they can sell it for 20€ too if they´re to incompent to make it.
  18. Where are the Banners?

    Are only people allowed here who praise this broken "game"?