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  1. hamletsdead

    Can we get rid of the magnetic armies?

    Negative. Never been married, never had party hijacked. A few of my assh*t vassals formed their own armies, making them unavailable to join mine, but that's on me, as I voted for the policy to let lords keep their own armies.
  2. hamletsdead

    Mercenary banner and clothing -- please fix ASAP

    Dear devs, can you PLEASE change it so that the flags and clothing of mercenary companies don't change to the kingdom colors of whoever you have a contract with? It's really lame, and not historically accurate at all. If the kingdom is renting my company's services, you get my services, not my...
  3. hamletsdead

    Constant war and executing enemy heros, a newbie guide to ruining your save

    Total world domination, yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!!
  4. hamletsdead

    The devs say workshops are working as intended in 1.4.3. Hera are some numbers.

    Something is wrong when the world is at war and arms dealers are losing money. Devs, please fix this. Seriously.
  5. hamletsdead

    npc speech ?

    I'll be really psyched if you're right and the devs have a surprise Easter egg of voice acting to drop on us in 6-7 months fully integrated into the game. I just did the scene with Istriana again and I thought, okay, that's half-baked but pretty damn good considering. So if they get 50 more...
  6. hamletsdead

    I really enjoy the early game and find my self making excuses to start new games.

    Me too. I must have started over 10 times last week on an total obsession run. I finally usurped the ruler of the Sturgians by basically bribing all the lords until my reputation was sky-high, but then half of those f*ckers left to form their own principalities almost immediately, three...
  7. hamletsdead

    Mega-Companion Pack

    I just made a mega-companion merge with 179 followers. As most of you probably know, if you don't have your companion mods all in a single file, then only the backstories of the first companion mod to load are shown (b/c the devs haven't fixed that bug). The mega-pack has most of the followers...
  8. hamletsdead

    Option to Plunder Castles and Towns.

    No matter how hard the lords and ladies try to hide their valuables, it's in the castle somewhere, so it should be capable of being plundered. It's not like they all have secret, unfindable hidey holes for loot ready to go in case of an invasion. Just like most people don't have a go bag and a...
  9. hamletsdead

    What about a Bandit Kingdom

    I think there is a mod that starts the game with you as leader of the Golden Horde, so you can do a Genghis Khan playthru and just destroy all civilization. Be nice if there was a way to turn cities to smoking rubble permanently.
  10. hamletsdead

    [1.4.3 ]Village notables power decreasing steadily until it hits 100

    No, I just started playing last week. But the stable version 1.4.2 (main branch) also introduced changes that broke sieges, so . . . not so stable.
  11. hamletsdead

    How is your performance in Sieges?

    Mine's a little stuttery. I'm running a 1080Ti 11-GB, 32GB RAM, 8-core i7, on 1440p, and l jump around a bit with everything on highest settings. Going down to medium/low before sieges helps, but hell if I'm going to do that for every siege. Turning off dynamic shadows and changing to normal...
  12. hamletsdead

    [1.4.3 ]Village notables power decreasing steadily until it hits 100

    How on earth can the devs introduce new bugs and break things that are already fixed in the stable build? The beta should be for new sh*t and improvements, not the disaster it looks like. I know we're all on lockdown and cannabis is cheap, but how can they not send their work out for a check to...
  13. hamletsdead

    Investigating companion stats.....Calradia is full of stupid people.

    Yeah, what's up with that? Why do all companions have Worn or Rusty gear? Sure, they need a job, but does all their equipment have to suck as well? Dude with 250 one-hand skill and a rusty f*cking sword? Just unbelievable -- he would treat that weapon like a goddamn baby, especially because if...
  14. hamletsdead

    NPC/Companion Stats Integration

    Can you please fix the game so that the companion/NPC level and their stats are included on the same page? It's super annoying to have to go to multiple screens to figure this out. And add the level to the encyclopedia entries too. It's really lame to have to guess what their level is based on...
  15. hamletsdead

    Is Xbox One Controller Support on the Way?

    Do the devs have any intention of releasing Xbox controller support for the game? Or is anyone working on a mod that covers most of the essential keybinds? It would be nice to be able to rebind F (keyboard) to A (Xbox) for all interactions, but the keybind controls in Options don't let you do...
  16. hamletsdead

    Disable Controller Detection?

    You have to unmap the default controller settings for some of the buttons. For example, if you want to remap the standard keyboard bind F (for interaction) to A on your Xbox controller, you have to remap it in the reWASD controller setting icon AND ALSO go down the generic Xbox settings icon and...
  17. hamletsdead

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Try Diplomacy Fixes. It gives the king a veto power on policies (if you vote to give him veto power). Haven't actually had him veto anything yet, but it's supposed to be working.
  18. hamletsdead

    10 years pass...

    So are the devs adding content for the main quest -- e.g., (1) a reward for giving the dragon banner to your lord, (2) an actual model of the dragon banner so you can fly your new colors if you make your own kingdom, or (3) some actual benefit -- like an influence or reputation bonus -- if you...
  19. hamletsdead

    Yet Another Dragon Banner Thread (Not getting it)

    Dragon banner so far is an epic fail. It takes forever to find the 10 nobles to talk to, then invariably one of the cities where you have to talk to someone is at war with your faction, so you either have to wait to get in until the war's over, or siege the castle just to get into to have a...
  20. hamletsdead

    Financial income

    Agreed, go Genghis Khan on everyone and take their sh*t. Sack Rome, sack Jerusalem, sell the gold and art. Then you can sit on your loot in a cave surrounded by your horde of cavalry.