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  1. Had i known development was going to be this slow for the single-player experience, i wouldn't have bought Bannerlord.

    Supposedly you'd buy this game when it's complete, so you are not really out anything other than basically getting to play the beta version of the game.
  2. Help a noob understand. What does the "code refactor" business mean?

    Imagine you wrote an essay. Then after you are done you rewrite the essay to be more concise and organize it better but it still says the same thing and makes the same points. Sort of like that.
  3. What happened to the regular updates?

    Duh_Taleworlds posted what they would be working on over a month ago and that has been exactly what they have been releasing. I don't understand what the mystery is.
  4. When will the 1.5 patch be released? this game is dying very fast

    I have 0 interest in multiplayer, this just isn't the style of game I would do that in. Now a MP campaign mode, I could get excited about that.
  5. Devs please read

    Atari old here too, I quit using beta and am on 1.41 with the game running for 8 days straight and not exiting once and ZERO crashes. My first PC game would be $88 in today's money, it couldn't run without crashing and I mean put the special DOS boot floppy in the computer each time it crashes...
  6. Do Lame Horses Heal Over Time?

    Our real life horse is lame, she's never going to get better that is just how it is with lame horses. In game I turn them into horsey burger for the troops. They actually can be worth quite a bit if a warhorse to resell. Never seen one get better yet.
  7. Archers need a nerf.

    Tactics matter, I just did 250 Sturgian Hardened Brigands vs 250 Battanian Heros, just F1, F3 with no other commands and I wiped out the archers with 176 cavalry left. Then I switched to me being the Battanians, put my archers in loose formation, backs against the red zone and on a hill with...
  8. Strange player party size INCREASE

    I definitely reproduced by going to the main menu during battle then reloading the game. With bannerlord tweaks it increases the leadership and stewardship bonus each time you do that. It's happened unmodded too but I haven't reproduced what causes it during unmodded games yet.
  9. Find the spy quest is counter intuitive, can you guess on your own?

    They won't say the bald guy is bald, they won't mention scars or paint for the guy that does, and if he doesn't have a beard they won't say that. However if he does have hair, beard or has an unblemished face they will tell you that. It took me a bit to figure that out.
  10. Is beating a Lord at board games supposed to give +relation? (it didn't)

    Seems like the first win is no relation, second win +1, third win +2 and then after that no relation increase with anyone in that clan.
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I'll check tonight, I finally realized it was a bug about a week ago as I was getting frustrated that I didn't understand why I kept losing my party size limits. The problem is getting the bug to initialize, but once it does I could click load game till the end of time and have a party limit of...
  12. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I just use the weird bug that has my party limit up to 569 now :). Works on 1.4.1 and 1.40 release on my laptop I keep trying to nail down what causes it to get a save game before and after, has something to do with being in battle and then reloading. Each reload party size will go up like...
  13. Force tournament participants in Developer console?

    Does anyone know how I could place a specific AI hero in a tournament? I fought against a 20 year old Aserai Hero that I can't seem to locate, she was one of the new 160+ added characters. She was in a girl's body and completely un-hittable by me or the AI and won, even against the insane 250+...
  14. 1.4.1's Broken Diplomacy - and what we can learn from it

    The AI seems to behave on power bars, taking into account the troop quality and not raw numbers. Are we saying the power bars are not correct and therefore the AI does not understand it will lose in autocalc? From the behavior I've see I tend to think it knows the results but I haven't...
  15. Thank you TW for breaking all the mods again, sigh...

    I think I'm closer to extreme player 1, I realize its early release and the standard and beta release will both break mods. Just some of the mods at least fix the game the way it should be working so I'd prefer they prioritize making the parts we have work the way they are supposed to versus a...
  16. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I'm kind of curious to see how the hotfixes work, but Bannerlord Tweaks and Community Patch are broken now, and it's hard to play without them after having used them. They seem to be more complex mods but adding those features to the game would really help if is possible. Fortunately I left...
  17. 10 hours of killing Khuzait, are they too strong? (poll)

    I've mentioned before I don't think the problem is diplomacy, auto-resolve, archer cavalry, or even prisoner escapes (although annoying). The strategic map is a numbers game, he who has the most lords and clans tends to win. Weak kingdoms I've noticed tend to get defecting lords only for them...
  18. Beta Patch Notes e1.4.1

    I'm not sure I trust the tribute system, right now war consists of me destroying 20 armies twice my size, capturing 4 castles and 2 towns and then paying 1 million for peace (as the victor), so the AI can then re-declare war 2 days later against a kingdom 10 times their size. Does this mean I...
  19. Endless War

    1.2 I was frustrated with endless wars and about gave up, 1.3 was great, 1.4.1 added features that I love, but the wars and voting system are worse than ever. Marry the 1.3 diplomacy with the 1.4.1 new features and I think this is a pretty good game, less buggy than many games I played years...
  20. Food Shortage

    I don't care if my towns starve, as long as the T5 and T6 garrision troops I left can make it. Let them eat out of my hoard and if that runs out and they starve it is my fault.