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    Thanks from me as well. It does siphon a lot of time that I could have spent cleaning my house however. (oh, and 300 pounds of graphics card is more than my whole computer, including monitor, is worth at the time)
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    Exercise regimes.

    I started pelling this year again, and running. I also keep a small dumbbell in my car, 3kg, to use when I get bored driving. I drive for about two hours every day, it made the sleeves of some shirts too narrow already.
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    BRYTENWALDA 1.396: RELEASE 27/07/2012

    This is awesome, I actually lowered my difficulty a bit for my first character! I do however think that the melee stats for the tournament javelins are a bit high, it's easiest to just dodge the first spear thrust and jab an eye out from point blank with a javelin. While this is a valid tactic...
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    What did you get in the mail today?

    Epoxy and white paint
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    serial key wont work

    I have the same issue, I tried starting regular plain old M&B, and found it no longer accessible, my key is a 5x5 key bought in 2008 I think, it now wants 4x4, but I can't convert it in the warband key converter thingamabob. EDIT, I figured that buying it through steam was warranted, it still...
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    Post *Your* Dream Women

    I remember that woman, about the only good thing that happened in Twilight. If you want to satisfy your curiosity and see that thing, cull it or view at 8x speed. Which will still take 15 minutes.
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    Post your Dream Women Mk.2

    I think she is a girl.
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    Sandboxing equipment (customizable weapons, armour, and horses) (Upd09-02)

    I am sorry, the code is not as yet implementable into the game (and the project is at a standstill with me), it is not possible to generate them, I would have to make all of them, but am at a loss how to do it within one lifetime.
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    Hiding Behind a Pavise Shield.

    About necro-ing, how should you give support to something discussed in the past, a new thread is not good, but commenting in an old one is bad as well. That leaves only time travel, which seems too much of a hassle to me.
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    Post your Dream Women Mk.2

    Beyonce is not my style as well.
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    New weapons that you would like

    I think you should study from a different source. Warhammers were used, but were rather light, ot heavier then an axe. The mallets used by the english in the 100 year war were used mainly to make makeshift defenses, if I recall correctly. Stone hammers weighing 25 kgs were not used, ever, by...
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    Husaria - Polish Winged Hussars

    That is what using cavalry with hooves against cavalry with tracks does to a country (WWII)
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    Post your Dream Women Mk.2

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    Post your Dream Women Mk.2

    I approve of this page so far.
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    The Ancient Debate: Flat Versus Edge

    I tested it in cut and thrust against a XVIIIb, that is another beast altogether. I do know that the XVIII is a lot better versus harder targets, and that lenticular blades (even with a fuller, that matters little in cutting) cut a lot better versus soft targets (fabric). I just did not test...
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    New weapons that you would like

    Both no. A sword that does not require you to close more than current blades would not be practical (also, I use sabres, arming swords and the likes without any problems, learn to ride with a horse) A bidenhander would not be in the right time frame, and pike combat is not advanced enough as it...
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    A shield is a shield all the time!

    I find that the best way to attack with a large shield is to stab diagonally to your right with a small sword, you won't have to open up a lot, and with a curved shield you are still quite protected. Also, you probably need a good steel helmet. and caligulae.
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    The Ancient Debate: Flat Versus Edge

    As far as I know Barta makes exceedingly good effort in making historically correct blades. A katana is made from folded steel with differing carbon content. Note that iron, essentially, is steel without carbon, so the difference between very low carbon content and none is theoretical at most...
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    Post your Dream Women Mk.2

    When in wales I did lay my eyes on quite a few that were.
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    How can this game be so heavy?

    A new comp can be assembled for under 300e, that is a mini atx with an athlon2 proc 4g ram, a decent PSU and 512 mb radeon 4350