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  1. when can we expect next big update please

    i was wondering, when the game first came out it was updated daily now all i see lately are small fixes, now i understand we have the corona and all that stuff going on around the world and i'm not writing this to rush the devs in any way shape or form but can we please get a idea of what they...
  2. Pre-Order

    With EA almost upon us, shouldn't be a pre-order/different editions and all that coming up on Steam alrdy or is that not going to be a thing with Butterlord? personally i would love to see some kind of pre-order ultimate edition of Butterlord to buy alrdy, but that's just me.
  3. Building pc for Bannerlord

    hi, i'm working on building a pc right now for Bannerlord, but i'm not sure about the specs needed as of right now, i'm looking at AMD with the 3400G and the intg graphics of RX Vega 11 that comes with it and 16 or 32 or maybe 64 ram at 3200 speed. Would this be good to run it and run it at 30...