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  1. Zilberfrid

    So, I am going to Finland

    I leave 19th of july, and return the 26th. but what to do? I start and depart at Helsinki, and plan to spend about a day and a half there, my current plan is to go to one of the lakes, rent a canoe, and see it from the water, then I return it and hike for a bit, maybe there, maybe along the cost...
  2. Zilberfrid

    New compu

    I am assembling a new box, and am leering towards the AM3 sets. So far I have bought a 24" Iiyama screen, an Antec Truepower, and an asus nvidia GT9600 top. I was thinking of adding a phenom II X3 720, a Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P, 8 gig's of 1300 Kingston cheap ddr3 ram (CL9) in a Sharkoon rebel...
  3. Zilberfrid

    tex error low res wine dx7

    Centralize, people. Here be bugreports. And, to be a good sport. I think I have a texture error. M&B 1.003 under wine in kubuntu, gforce 7 series gpu. directx 7 and low texture and overall graphic settings.
  4. Zilberfrid

    Python is fun!

    352 lines of code in the first thing I try and it all works! Yay! Let me state that I have no coding experience since I put away my commodore, and only started learning stuff this night. Sorry, but this is the tread for this sort of randomness, isn't it?
  5. Zilberfrid

    Historical cost of weapons, armour and horses

    I am recalculating values for the equipment, and I was wondering how to make the equipment at the right price and how to simulate differing timeframes It is quite easy to find correct weaponry prices for both the roman times and the late hundred years war, but I am specially interested in AD...
  6. Zilberfrid

    Legal use of mod content in release vanilla?

    I was wondering, Is armagan legally able to use mod content for the vanilla game? I'd love it if he were (some things are brilliant, and would best be put in the main game), but I am not very sure he is...
  7. Zilberfrid

    Sandboxing equipment (customizable weapons, armour, and horses) (Upd09-02)

    From the customizable weapons thread, which mainly dealt with swords, I started thinking, and thought there were a lot of things that could be added if the game were modified to some extent. (for those who hate my space-bar lay-out, read the rant below) The free form item system Weapons...
  8. Zilberfrid

    Early 14th century mod

    Hello, I am working on a mod that features troops and such from the beginning of the 14th century, so just a little further than the original. This will mean the following: -The amount of bastard sword types will increase from 2 to 3, with radically differing stats (to reflect the oakeshott...