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  1. Sergeant Tristan

    The Roving Roleplayers [Recruiting, NA & EU]

    The Roving Roleplayers Information: I hereby present to the PW community, the Roving Roleplayers! We are a bunch of friends from a gaming community called the XI that decided to make a little group for Persistent World. Our goal with this group is to have fun, ofcourse, in PW. However, we have...
  2. Sergeant Tristan

    Starting Scripter

    Good day everyone, I've been looking around at all those tutorials, but I'm a bit of a PC neanderthaler, and I never seem to get it. So, I was kind off hoping that there would be a kind soul out there that's willing to help me with getting started with scripting. I thank you in advance...
  3. Sergeant Tristan

    The 78th Highlander Regiment of Foot [Disbanded]

    As the title says, disbanded. All those that are now regiment-less, I would advise you to join the 91st Argyllshire Highlanders!
  4. Sergeant Tristan


    Heej, Ik heb een probleem. Want mijn WinRaR die geeft telkens de error dat het systeem de opgegeven pad niet kan vinden als ik bijv. een mod naar Mount&blade/module wil extracten, bij elk item dat wordt ge-extract geeft hij de error, hierdoor kan ik dus heel veel coole mods niet spelen.  :cry...
  5. Sergeant Tristan

    Kastelen Ontwerpen

    Hallo, Ik vroeg mij af of het mogelijk is, zoja, hoe je een kasteel kan ontwerpen voor M&B en die kan vervangen met een van de native kastelen. Welke programma's enzo. Alvast bedankt. ;)
  6. Sergeant Tristan

    Error when extracting mods.

    Hello. A couple of days ago I tried installing a mod with WinRaR, Europe 1805, but when I downloaded it, and was about to extract it to the modules folder for M&B, it gave 2000'ish errors saying that they couldn't find the pad, I tried it with other mods aswell, but the same error came. When I...
  7. Sergeant Tristan

    Error when extracting mods.

    Hello, I recently downloaded a mod for M&B with WinRaR, I thought it was Europe 1805, the downloading went fine, but when I tried to extract the files to the M&B Modules file it gives about 2000 errors saying that it can't find the pad, when I ran a test with everything was fine, no errors, but...