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  1. Milites Fortunae Sunday Mod Events - Next event: Native(August 9th)

    Clan name: PI Clan banner(if any): Prussian Expected attendance: 10 Preferred Faction: Germany Steam profile link of leader & co-leader: -- I have read and agree with the rules: Yes
  2. Bear Force II - Friday 27.3.2020 20.00 GMT

    Clan name: - Aiwha-3 Squad Expected attendance: 6 - 12 Leader Steam Contact: Piorun Co-leader Steam Contact: Fabricc I have read and comply with the rules of the event.
  3. Big Problem Help!

    hello I have big problem with this beautiful mod and I dont know how to fix it. I download this mod from and when I press on menu play then I have loading and crush my game. Can anybody help ?
  4. New events on Deluge

    1. Chorągiew Mistrzów-ChM 2. 12-18 3.Poland, Moscow / Strelets and Heavy Cavalry 4.Yes 5. 6.
  5. New events on Deluge

    [i]Hello I want to back to alive this mod and I have a good idea to make this mod alive. I will organize new events to make this mode great again :D Overview: Date: Friday 8 (GMT) Server:ChM_Official Basic Info - You cannot commune or attack by yourself (so called "rambo") - A single...