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  1. HunterAlpha1

    Bannerlord port?

    Hello all, been awhile since I commented on the forums. So, I've been watching some of the devblogs for Bannerlord, and one neat element BL is supposed to have is heirs and family. I'm assuming that your character can grow old and die of old age, as well as be killed in battle, etc.. I think...
  2. HunterAlpha1

    Need a safe alternative download link ASAP! Please help!(resolved)

    So I am still having issues downloading VC:RE from the main site, and starting this Monday I will no longer have internet for awhile, so please, if anyone knows a safe site to download from, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks in advance!
  3. HunterAlpha1

    Main site download is messed up

    Can't download the DLC from the main site; it says it'll take 8 hours even though I have fantastic internet and no problems whatsoever downloading anything else. Also when I go to the page where I enter my password so I can see all my serial keys the images for VC is missing, and when I right...
  4. HunterAlpha1

    Latest version download link?

    Hey, umm, gsanders, I really, really don't want to annoy or bother you, but I am having trouble finding the link in the forum board for the latest version. This link: only has the patches, but I can't find the main download.  Thanks in...
  5. HunterAlpha1

    Just gonna leave this here... Hope the admins listen!
  6. HunterAlpha1

    Moderator power for gsanders please!

    Don't really know where to put this, so I leave it to the discretion of the forum moderators. For those of you who have never played it, allow me to refer you to an awesome mod, Phantasy Calradia 2018. I won't spoil it for you here, but it's pretty cool, and it has come a long way in only a...
  7. HunterAlpha1

    Where's the link to the most recent version??!!

    WTF-ingH is the link to the newest version? For the past several weeks I've been playing F-ing .723! I thought it was all barebones and tihs because it was a fairly recent project! It took lucking out and seeing the main screen for the newer version on the screenshots thread to realize mine...
  8. HunterAlpha1

    STILL can't build a castle!

    Has this feature been removed, or is it a bug, or is my game messed up or what?  :cry:
  9. HunterAlpha1

    You might be an OP ****ING DEATH MACHINE if... get knocked out in a tournament and you're more impressed that a bot could take you out than upset about the money you lost.  :twisted: Anyone else think that the game should have more difficult opponents in the endgame? I've been reading recently that there were black nights or...
  10. HunterAlpha1

    Help! Can't build castle!

    "You cannot build a castle on an island or landmass that doesn't have a harbour, port, or beach!" But I'm trying to build on the mainland!
  11. HunterAlpha1

    What all can I use stone for?

    Getting tons of it while mining; doesn't sell for much so what can I do with it?
  12. HunterAlpha1

    18th Century?

    Are their any plans to progress this mod into the 18th century? I would LOVE to lead General Notgnihsaw's Rhodok bluecoat rebels into battle against King Egroeg III's Swadish Redcoats!  :wink: :D
  13. HunterAlpha1

    Farm and colony?

    Is it possible/advisable to build your farm at or near your colony, so you can feed your colony with your own farm?
  14. HunterAlpha1

    A couple of questions

    1. Is it possible to keep my gear if I decide to leave the army? 2. Forgot, but I'll remember as soon as someone makes fun of me for forgettin :D
  15. HunterAlpha1

    A couple of issues with the mod...

    1. The "provoke a war" quest is gone. This quest is ABSOLUTELY necessary to be in the game for when all the factions go on a "let's sit around the campfire and sing kum-bai-ya" tangent. 2. NO bandits! Too many patrols! After about a month in-game there are no bandits on the map; I see evidence...
  16. HunterAlpha1

    Is the download on the main site the latest, unnumbered patch?

    Or do I STILL have to find it elsewhere?  Been awhile since I've played the original M&B so I thought I'd give it a playthrough, looking forward to playing one of the AoBP mods and maybe 1866 and SW:C.  Just downloaded the game off of, but now I seem to remember that the true...
  17. HunterAlpha1

    Can only garrison my town??

    So I just capture Dunwich(only found out afterword that I could've done a sea assault and lost a lot fewer men  :( ) and was awarded the town, but when I enter the town I have 2 options: 1. Manage the garrison 2. Leave Now I've got hordes of anglos heading my way to retake Dunwich, but I...
  18. HunterAlpha1

    Fort Reeve at Cuil Nam no longer giving quests? (story mode)

    So I'm a lord of Northumbry and was awarded Cuil Nam, which I had captured(can't remember if it was part of a story quest or not), so despite the fact that I chose to conquer instead of raze, I had something like -20 relations with the fort.  No sweat, I just started doing quests to boost my...
  19. HunterAlpha1

    Bugs! Help me please!

    I'm using v2.2, and having problems with my party disappearing off the map after installing several of the minimods, the ones I'm using are: Black Bullet Smoke - Low Quality Fast Travel Troops Tweaks 1.5  Any help would be appreciated.
  20. HunterAlpha1

    Working Nexus download link <here>

    The Nexus download link posted in the Plaza doesn't work, here's one that does: