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  1. CTCCoco

    [WB][M] The Middle Ages

    The Middle Ages is a Mount & Blade: Warband modification (from the developers of Calradia Slave Rebellion) which focus on a 100% persistent system, open world, where you can make your life from a Peasant to a King. The system will support totally serious RP, with protection, or a light RP...
  2. CTCCoco

    [LIXH] Legio IX Hispana (clan español de Native y Napoleonic Wars)

    English Español De la parte del Napoleonic Wars podéis encontrar más información en el foro. Tenemos 4 regimientos, 1 de ellos activo y los otros pendientes de activar, a saber: 40º Regimiento de Infatería de Línea de Sevilla (el activo), 9º Regimiento de Infantería Ligera de Soria, 7º...
  3. CTCCoco

    [LIXH] Legio IX Hispana

    English Español Steam Group / Grupo de Steam:
  4. CTCCoco

    MP Native [WB] Calradia Slave Rebellion

    [center] Reanimating, please wait . . . [0%] Calradia Slave Rebellion is a deep multiplayer modification for Mount & Blade: Warband. It offers persistent progress through multiple gamemodes like Invasion or WotK, managing your characters in the official website. The development of the...
  5. CTCCoco

    Version 1.150 - 1.151 - 1.152 - 1.153 released

    Version 1.153 Changelog: Version 1.152 Changelog: Common: - Bugs related with sounds and music have been fixed. Disable music option now works correctly. - Muskets sticking to left hand after reloading bug has been fixed. Single player: - Several dialog text fixes. - Lords now defect even...
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    EDIT: Solved

    EDIT: Solved.
  7. CTCCoco

    How do you organize your mod development with many people?

    How do you organize your mod development with many people? I mean, you give the mod's source to all the developers? What if someone release it without any permission?
  8. CTCCoco

    Potion model for a weapon?

    Somebody can tell me if there is a "potion" model for a weapon? I just want to do some potions, but I don't have anything which looks like a potion. Thanks.
  9. CTCCoco

    Unorganized opcode 2600 at game_receive... blabla :|

    Well, this is simple. If I use send_message_to_url in Module_Presentations, I receive unorganized opcode 2600 (and 3400 I  think). But if I do the same, for example, in on player joined, it works without any problems. Somebody can help me, please?
  10. CTCCoco

    How I can make a specific variable for a specific player?

    How I can make a specific variable for a specific player? For example, in Pawn language (using SA-MP) you can make variables like: new testing[MAX_PLAYERS or other number]; So, next, you can use it for every player, if you do Testing[playerid] = blabla; it will be unique for this player, and...
  11. CTCCoco

    I have a little problem compiling the python source code :S

    I'm learning how to mod here, but I have a little problem. When I use the batch file build_module.bat to compile the source code, I don't have any error , all went ok but it doesn't seems to make changes. I tryed in an empty folder for see what this do, and it creates python compiled files and...
  12. CTCCoco


    Our clan, Legio IX Hispana, have an WAR (1F) server, but there is an epic bug that make the game stupid!. This is the bug: You get a tumber, whathever you want, and if you save it at the castle and you get it again of the box, you can drope it on the floor and you can get again another tumber...
  13. CTCCoco

    Do you think Nords are overpowered?

    Do you think that Nords are overpowered? I think so. They have ultra-shields that can't be destroyed like the other ones, super armour, overpowered throw axes, good weapons, I mean... what the ****? I don't saying that Nords will win all the time ( you must be good player as well ), but I think...
  14. CTCCoco

    A little question about Module System script.

    I don't know what do (try_begin), and (try_end), . What is their fuction on the script? Thanks.
  15. CTCCoco

    What I must learn for create an multiplayer module for M&B Warband?

    What I must learn for create an multiplayer module for M&B Warband? Python, or something else? And what python version are using m&b warband? Thanks.
  16. CTCCoco

    Hosting m&b warband ( need help )

    Hello, I want know something about hosting a m&b warband server. Can I host a server on Linux? How much resources need? I mean, need a high machine to do not have lag ? I want to host Fantasy Persistent World or something like that. Thanks.
  17. CTCCoco

    ¿Quieren un server de RP en español?

    Bueno, escribo esto para ver cuántos usuarios de habla hispana estarían dispuestos a rolear en un RP español, si la encuesta sale bien podría traducir FPW o PWMod al español y hacer uno. Hablo de roleplayers serios, bueno, haber que votais xD. Saludos.
  18. CTCCoco

    Put an easy programming langueage for create GameModes

    Hello, I am here to suggest , if possible, to put an easy programming lenguage for create our own GameModes. I mean a programming language like PAWN (, Squirrel ( ) or LUA ( ). It will be fantastic :D LUA us...
  19. CTCCoco

    Please an account system needed!

    I am tyred, I can't play without saving the money and things that I earn, if needed make HARDER to make money. If you must go, and want to play later, or the game crash, or lost internet... you must start again? wtf?... I think is basic to save all things that you earn, include the FACTION...
  20. CTCCoco

    I pre-order this game on steam but i don't have the full version yet :S

    I pre-order this game on steam but i don't have the full version yet :S I can do something or I must wait to steam 10 hours :S? Thanks.