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  1. Thor Head

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    So I made this extremely low-born elf from a family with a tradition of theft and banditry. I went to Elintor and on a whim I asked Iranel Linthradel if we could form an alliance of our houses. She fell for me and fell hard. A short time later, she proposed marriage and then on approximately...
  2. Thor Head

    Perisno Q&A + FAQ

    I want to find out the real name of a piece of music used in this mod. In the Music folder it is retitled to replace the vanilla Warband tune "outdoor_beautiful_land". What's the real name and who is the artist? Is it from a movie, or maybe one of those fantasy mood music collections that you...
  3. Thor Head

    Incredible performance with this mod.

    Most mods I have a noticeably choppy framerate when I go over about 350-400 man battles.  In Perisno, I can run 700 man battles very smoothly.  I don't know why, but it is amazing.  Thanks!
  4. Thor Head

    Clickbait site stealing Ganbat's Warband art!

    Here is the URL of the clickbait article itself.
  5. Thor Head

    Need help finding an old WB mod. Island with several primitive tribes.

    Found it: New Elgante.  Great mod.  Too bad work did not continue.,272.0.html
  6. Thor Head

    Need help finding an old WB mod. Island with several primitive tribes.

    This mod is quite old!  It came out a few years after Warband was released.  It's at least 6 or 7 years old.  It was about this island that was the home of several tribes.  One was very primitive, one was a little more advanced, one faction was sort of a Colonial Spanish type civilization. ...
  7. Thor Head

    Not much going on in this mod.

    I chose the regular non-king start and at day 25  all I've been doing is fighting a couple of looter bands and collecting companions.  I've been to every country except Khergit and Sarranid lands and the only wandering parties I find aside from looters are huge invading hordes I would stand no...
  8. Thor Head

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    I played an older version years ago, but this is incredible.  I was just visiting the Skaven cities and they are overwhelmingly amazing!  The only things I would like to see change are the addition of Freelancer and a less static war system.  When I downloaded I had visions of eventually doing...
  9. Thor Head

    [WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.7.7 for 1.174

    Thanks for the tip!
  10. Thor Head

    [WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.7.7 for 1.174

    Which version of script extender can I use with WB 1.158?  I have some games going on in that version I would like to use with WSE.  Thanks!
  11. Thor Head

    TLD (The Last Days, LOTR mod) for M&B 1.011 Info

    Nobody can get into some of the advance camps.  There are huge traffic jams outside them, but nobody, NPC parties or player parties, can enter.  I was able to enter the Mordor Advance Camp, but the Harad, Isengard, Khand and Dunland camps seem to be blocked.  I have a delivery of supplies to...
  12. Thor Head

    Question for real M&B old-timers about a mod

    I would guess it was for 1.010/1.010. Possibly the version immediately after, but I don't think it was earlier.  I don't think the mod you linked is the one, because the description was very much about the bear-helmeted warriors.
  13. Thor Head

    Question for real M&B old-timers about a mod

    Does anyone remember an old M&B mod that featured an invading horde of warriors with bear head helmets, like the neanderthals in 13th Warrior?  I remember seeing some great screenshots but before I downloaded it I got distracted by something else.  This would have been maybe 5-10 years ago.  I...
  14. Thor Head

    A couple of questions

    I think the character report only shows your unmodified piety.  I don't know for sure.  My Khergit has a holy skull for +3 piety and that does not show either. 
  15. Thor Head

    A couple of questions

    Not sure about tobacco.  I think tobacco is just a trade good or maybe it boosts troop morale.  I got some last night when I won a tournament, too, but I accidentally sold it someplace and did not check what it was all about.
  16. Thor Head

    A couple of questions

    If you pay to get out of your contract the Lord keeps the gear.  You can keep the gear if you desert, but then you are outlawed and you can't get into cities and castles and everyone wants to kill you.  It's a real pain and makes the game almost unplayable.  One way to get to keep the gear...
  17. Thor Head

    v1.3 Mission to Slaughter Heretics.

    Back in 1.3 I recall getting a mission to slaughter a town full of heretics.  I don't think it was the Cathars, but some other sect.  Is this mission still in 5.0 and if so, who gives it out?  I am playing an evil character inspired by Vlad the Impaler and I would like him to do this mission.
  18. Thor Head

    I'm trapped on Mithridia

    Ok, I was starting out and I joined the Crusader Army of a Swadian Lord as a foot-soldier.  We went to the Holy Land and the entire crusade was crushed at Hierosolyma.  After this debacle, my Lord was bringing us survivors home to Swadia by ship when our force was overwhelmed by several...
  19. Thor Head

    Is it true that the latest version of WB is compatible with all previous mods?

    I haven't been playing WB for several months so I am out of the loop.  The most recent version on my PC is 1170.  Somebody told me that the latest version is compatible with all the mods from all the earlier versions.  Is that true?  I have about 5 different installs of WB on my PC so I can play...
  20. Thor Head

    SP Native Modern The Parabellum (WW1 in Calradia)

    Great mod!  Much more polished and playable than Red Wars.  A couple of bugs I have noticed: One or more of the facial skins is pure black.  Not like the natural skintones of African descended persons, but pure dark glitchy looking black.  The NPC Rolfe has this skin.  This is causing me...