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  1. zobo

    Ambush! - Map in Development

    Glad to see people playing Persistent Frontier again! Had an idea for a map, so I threw together a quick top-down design of it in Photoshop, hoping we can discuss and improve it! I don't have a lot of free time, but if the design turns out solid, I am more than happy to begin making the map...
  2. zobo

    The Revenant

    Watched the trailer for The Revenant and Persistent Frontier was screaming inside my head the entire time lol. What do you guys think?
  3. zobo

    What is the way of the bandit?

    My apologies if a similar thread has been created, Anyone here attempted to start a complete bandit / raider game? I tried to start a bandit / looter / raider game that was sympathetic towards Austria (need a safe zone somewhere) but the problem is that I can't loot villages unless I'm at war...
  4. zobo

    Last of the Mohicans Event

    THE BRIEF Austro (the former head developer of Persistent Frontier) and the EU Head Admins will be hosting a Last of the Mohicans event. There will be two factions players can choose from, British and Native. British players will spawn on a beach where they will be able to form up. Their goal...
  5. zobo

    Congrats on the board!

    Not that I ever followed your mod, but I noticed there was a new mod released :D Congrats!
  6. zobo

    OSP 3D Art Austro's Items V2

    So I had an Austro's Items V1 roughly 2 years ago however they were all dropboxed and lost. This time I'm saving everything to turbosquid so they never get lost. You'll have to create an account though :/ Just some modernish stuff some people may find useful, I start school in a week ( game...
  7. zobo

    Soviet Truck up for Grabs

    Hey guys,                   I'm no historical wizard, but I recently completed the Soviet Cargo Truck I've been working on if you guys wanted to use it as a scene prop or something. I'm not sure if it fits your time period though, if you're strict on that. If you think you can use it I'll post...
  8. zobo

    1 Year Anniversary!

    Wow! It's already been one year since the release of Persistent Frontier, it doesn't feel like it at all. I want to thank all the development team members and the community for making Persistent Frontier a success to this day, without your support we would have never gotten this far. I also...
  9. zobo

    32 Bit Crashing Solution

    To everyone who is on a 32 bit machine and has been unable to play Persistent Frontier we have finally found a solution thanks to "Jesseownsyou" Simply replace this txt file with the one in your PF folder and you should be able to connect to all Persistent Frontier scenes on a 32 bit machine...
  10. zobo

    UFC 168

    ZOMG after so long it's finally the 28th! Who do you guys have winning? I have: Silva by complete mauling Rousey by submission (duh) Barnett by KO/Submission Oh, and I truly believe that the pre-lim headliner (lebel vs hall) will steal fight of the night.
  11. zobo

    Vote Persistent Frontier MODDB Mod of the Year!

    Hello, please vote PF MODDB Mod of the Year, your vote will be much appreciated, thanks!
  12. zobo

    Ra'Jiska will be taking over Persistent Frontier.

    It's been a good run for me, but my time has come to an end in Persistent Frontier. I'm in college and and with 7 new assignments every 2 weeks it's getting really hectic. I don't have the time any more to keep track of everything when I'm juggling around assignment after assignment. I have...
  13. zobo

    Share your Persistent Frontier stories!

    Share your Persistent Frontier stories / adventures! I'll go first, this was on the NA server. Remember, the NA server has little to no admin dependency, and this all happened with player - run RP, not admin - run RP.             I teleported to the native camp, and joined the Native...
  14. zobo

    [NA Events] Tribal Wars

              The NA community in Persistent Frontier has been lacking recently and there is no real better way of getting it rolling again other than a fun, unique and original event. I have been collaborating with Duke Tritus from Persistent Empires and he has agreed to develop a custom Tribal...
  15. zobo

    Map Concept: Arabia

    This is mearly a concept, this may or may not be worked upon depending on public interest in it and if I can even get a mapper for it:P if you're interested in working on this map after reading the concept please PM me :) Please note that I know this doesn't really fit the theme of the mod...
  16. zobo

    Persistent Frontier is looking for Scene Designers!

    Persistent Frontier is looking for talented scene designers! If you have experience designing for Persistent World that is a bonus! Please PM me if you are interested in hearing the details on the map concept. Persistent Frontier Mod Page:,334.0.html
  17. zobo

    We are looking for talented mappers!

    We have some pretty cool map concepts planned out and are looking for talented PW mappers! If interested, please PM me with some screenshots of your works and how experienced you are with PW mapping. Thanks!
  18. zobo

    Persistent Frontier Comeback Saturday, August 17th!

    After nearly 3 weeks of non-playability we are finally ready for a comeback! Along with a brand new map by Lions we have added many new features and fixes in Beta 3.1 ! New voice commands unique to each faction have now been added, the distance of which you can see nametags have been increased...
  19. zobo

    Current state of Persistent Frontier

    It seems that the new warband update is causing everyone to crash as soon as they join a server. This has great affected our tests with Beta3.1. This bug has pretty much put Persistent Frontier on a standstill, all we can really do now is hope Vornne (The developer of Persistent World) can...
  20. zobo

    PF_Official_NA 3.1 Ruleset

    This is going to be the new Ruleset when 3.1 is out. I'm too lazy to re-type my reasoning's behind the new rule set, so I will just be pasting a chat I had with an individual (I have their permission of course) 1. Non-RP racism & player harassment will not be tolerated in any regard and...