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  1. martinm

    AGE of CHANGE II :Map

    M&B is Great Game. But i joined 10 minutes ago,but how i can go upper lever from peasant (or smtg)? Ive got all versions of m&b (m&B warband with fire and sword battalion) and soon i am gonna have bannerlord
  2. martinm

    Useful tips to players

    I like do play with cheats  :twisted: but i cant make my own kingdom :| so  :cry: but you can make (with cheats :3) big army (300 - 500) so great game !! 8-) :mrgreen:
  3. martinm

    Rome at War: Version 2.3 Released!

    Guys? Can anyone tell my is that a good mod ? i think its great :mrgreen:
  4. martinm

    Bug Reports: 1.54

    I have a thing ( think its a bug). when i play then in 5 mins i conquer a castle and then like hordes of enemys coming :shock: like King Harlaus 2000 troops and hes lords (500 troops)  :cry: is it a bug or ... ?