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  1. Gotha

    Dear Taleworlds

    Maybe just stop making it worse than it actually is. If that is you opinion: okay. But I disagree cause somehow it doesn't apply to me. The only thing that is actually the case is that some weapons (especially twohanded) have unbalanced attackspeed ratios. I agree that the delay between...
  2. Gotha

    Dear Taleworlds

    "Block delay" is nearly totally irrelevant if you use stances correctly and if you do perfect blocks. Yeah you have such thing as "block delay". Yeah it affects your gameplay... if you play every round as the cheapest troop class which has much less melee combat skill points than the main melee...
  3. Gotha

    Dear Taleworlds

    Imagine a world where you actually learn all game mechanics before crying all day about "block delay".
  4. Gotha

    So how do the devs choose what factions there are going to be in siege its always the same factions sortof

    I am logging my factions in Skirmish mode since early May. If someone is curious about those stats: 282 games in total. Aserai 18,79 % Khuzait 15,95 % Empire 17,02 % Vlandia 16,31 % Battania 14,53 % Sturgia 17,37 %
  5. Gotha

    European Duel Tournament [WINNER - APRIKOSENMANN]

    Name: Gotha Contact Information:
  6. Gotha

    Solved Character not visible in Fight Sounds like the same problem?
  7. Gotha

    Solved Invisible player character

    Hey, my character disappeared after a while and now he is permanently invisible. I can still see my character inside of my inventory window but not when I enter a village nor a battlefield. Talking to someone in a village fixes the problem as long as the scene is loaded. But after leaving the...
  8. Gotha

    Mount & Blade 2 Beta?

    Hey, die Beta läuft schon eine ganze Weile. Soviel ich weiß werden Einladungen wöchentlich an manche Bewerber rausgeschickt (dies hat sich möglicherweise zwischenzeitlich nochmal geändert).
  9. Gotha


    Besser spät als nie 'Upgraden', schätze ich :P
  10. Gotha

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord

    Oof, man wird halt auch nicht mehr jünger... Das ist alles so Zeit intensiv.. :P
  11. Gotha

    MP Other Adimi Tools v1.52 for 1.174

    They didn't change anything on the MS afaik. Should bei enough to reinstall it.
  12. Gotha

    Warband Matchmaking Client 2.0.2 (WBMM)

    I am curious, do you guys just keep having bad days or is it normal that you keep *****ing around for no actual reason?
  13. Gotha

    [Nation's Cup 2018] Announcement & Signups

    Maybe you guys should stop the sign up phase until everything is settled.
  14. Gotha

    MP Other Adimi Tools v1.52 for 1.174

    I am sorry, but I don't know what kind of problem you have. Thats currently not possible. I would suggest to temporary ban players, who bypass the system like that.
  15. Gotha

    Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord

    Bei dem Interview bei ca. 19min +-1: ich weiß nicht wieso, aber sie Musik erinnert mich extrem an Gilde 2 Renaissance.