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  1. G-sus

    Stuck in swinganimation after kick (EU duel)

    I've played quite a bit on the duel server, howeever recently (since the last patch) I've recived a bug where my character freeze in attackmode if you do an attack at the same time as you get kicked. It's not the same stun animation you get normaly,just stuck in the starter sequence of an...
  2. G-sus

    Unsolved Own kingdom = bad relation

    Summary: Since I started my own kingdom my "friends" who agreed to join me is starting to hate me for no reason. I don't get updated when I loose relation with them or anything to kind of get an idea what it is that causes it. I went from +60 in relation with all of them to a negative 20.. They...
  3. G-sus

    Unsolved "You haven't unlocked some of the selected pieces" (Smithy bug?

    This only seems to be the case for maces,1h axe and 2h axe as far as I have experienced. Says you "You haven't unlocked some of the selected pieces" although I have and do indeed have al the resources for it ass well. This happened on two of my saves but apperently works fine on a friends game...
  4. G-sus

    Need More Info All my save filess corrupted after a crash

    Can't acces any of my saved files after I crashed once. Tried launching the game in safe mode as well as removing the cache but I still have the same issue..Please help me fix this, don't want to lose all my progress :'(
  5. G-sus

    Unsolved Loadingscreen stuck on Bandit hideout

    My loadingscreen just keeps loading when I try to enter a bandit hideout.. tried to remove cache a reload several times but still the same issue.
  6. G-sus


    I want everyone to post their GIFs here. I'll start with some.