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  1. MadVader

    A big elephant (also, religion in the game)

    Greeting fellow peasants of Calradia! Are you tired of plowing all day? I thought not. What's really missing from Mount and Blade's portrayal of medieval reality? What's the big ****ing elephant in the room? RELIGION. Apparently, it's too controversial and sensitive a subject. But who cares...
  2. MadVader

    Suggestions for Bannerlord

    Greetings warriors of Calradia! Bannerlord may be just around the corner, but it's never too late for last-minute additions! Players frequently have an abundance of ideas and they should be put to good use by hard-working TaleWorlds employees. They merely need to do their jobs for your dreams...
  3. MadVader

    Forum moderation thread (unofficial)

    This thread is for any kind of comment you may have on forum moderation. No moderators should read this, so it's a safe place for crying a little about the injustices wrought upon your innocent-looking profile by the powers that be. If you have a legitimate complaint, bug the moderators thusly:
  4. MadVader

    Guess the nation

    Feel free to post your own puzzles in the thread. No googling please.
  5. MadVader

    Google Search on

    Hi Admins, Are there any plans to integrate Google Search in this forum? It is well known that the built-in search is unhelpful and pros use Google to search for elusive content here. Please think of the newbies. Cheers, MV
  6. MadVader

    Forum anti-bot measures

    Hi, I'm somewhat interested in how to stop spambot invasions on the forum, and I'm wondering if this could work with the present spambot brigade.
  7. MadVader

    Warband 1.157-1.158 patch changelog

    (Post updated for the official release) Here's the official changelog: And the (non-trivial) code changes: - several fixes for the Offer Gift quest. - 2x disabled auto-rescue of prisoners by allied lords (why?) - and a...
  8. MadVader

    Beautify your PoP with new fonts

    Some of you have already added a new font for your PoP and other mods, but for those of you who didn't yet, take a look at this thread - it's as simple and easy as copying two files:,278728.0.html Copy the to the Textures folder under PoP's...
  9. MadVader

    Town walkers with daily schedules and other TES stuff

    Hi all, I'm preparing for a revamp of the town center missions to include new features. The basic idea is to recreate NPC behavior as in Oblivion/Skyrim towns - obviously for an unreleased TES mod. I'm posting here to make sure I don't invent hot water because some ModSys operation that I...
  10. MadVader

    Flash Fiction Competition voting – Round 6 – "Friendly fire;great escape;green"

    This week's triple theme was tough because you trolled the last vote. Don't screw up this time! TheFlyingFishey: BenKenobi: MadVader:
  11. MadVader

    Getting email from ignored users

    I recently put a couple of people on the ignore list, as they were spamming me with unwanted PMs. That worked nicely. I just found out that one of them sent me an email through the forum options. I thought placing people on the ignore list should prevent them from contacting you by clicking on...
  12. MadVader

    POP 3.61 patch RELEASED

    This is the final version of the PoP 3.61 patch. IT'S SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE WITH 3.6. Download here and install over PoP 3.6: PoP 3.51 to 3.61 upgrade patch for returning players: Here's the list of changes...
  13. MadVader

    [TUTORIAL] Custom Knighthood Order

    You can create your very own Knighthood Order in PoP 3.6. You can name the Order and its knights and sergeants, upgrade their equipment and train them to become the best Order in Pendor. Be warned, it will be a long and costly process, but ultimately rewarding. For starters, you need a castle...