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    Philosophy/Theory Thread.

    Sartre outlines a somewhat general theory that could be relevant to your line of questioning in Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions. Specifically, chapter 3 should be the interesting part. If you don't have access to the book I could write a short summary at the end of the week, as I've only...
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    Socialist Calculation Problem

    By "efficiency", do we mean efficiency in production or efficiency in allocation? Both? It seems to me that there's some value in not conflating them and instead considering them independently.
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    🦅Gamescom 2018 (Streams, Map, Factions, Perks, Skills, Troop Trees, Concepts)

    That horse archery clip is hilarious. You'd think people who work in games journalism have enough experience with games to intuitively understand after the first, or even second, time that you can't fire your bow to the right while on horseback. Yet they keep trying to hit things.
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    Free Games - Recomendations and updates galore

    I guess that depends on how you define a catch. You have to subscribe to the newsletter after all.
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    Castle Building Removed?

    Could you point out the biased premises so I could address them? The pope was generally quite lenient towards the natives, and the French were on better terms with the natives a lot of the time than the British (for example, there's to my knowledge no British equivalent to the Cajuns). Of...
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    Castle Building Removed?

    The reason North America is basically racially homogeneous is partly because the British systematically killed off the local populations. The Catholics, especially Spain, were much more lenient on natives in the New World. The pope even considered them to be essentially like children (which...
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    Yarn of insignificant questions

    There are several competing conceptions of what constitutes a lie. The conventional definition requires you to believe that your statement is false in order for it to be a lie though (usually with an express intention to deceive). Generally then, truthfulness (concerns belief) and falsity...
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    Early Access Confirmed

    They've never been very good at that. All things considered, this is a pretty small thing to worry over, especially since the contradiction came quite soon after the initial statement (it would have been much worse if you could have pre-purchased the game with the understanding you'd get early...
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    Early Access Confirmed

    Yet isn't that literally what they did for the original M&B? I recall paying something like 15€ for beta while the actual released product was ~20€ unless I'm mistaken. Of course, circumstances are different and Bannerlord is a game of much larger scale, but I think it's a little bit of an...
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    Major Successes

    Warband has aged somewhat poorly in the visual department, so even if the graphics look a little bit "potato 2013", I'm quite happy with the upgrade.
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    🦅Gamescom 2018 (Streams, Map, Factions, Perks, Skills, Troop Trees, Concepts)

    Man, the girl interviewing him doesn't seem very insightful with regards to the subject.
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    What made you laugh today - Fifth Edition

    Serious question: does wind energy still have to be subsidized to be economical, or is that just a reality of the 90s?
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    Dating Thread, v. II

    What do the smileys next to some people mean?
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    Dev Blog 05/04/18

    I think it's necessary to speak of this in broad terms because we have so little information of what the final product will be like. All of my posts should be read with a "in principle" caveat in mind as we can't really assume much from the little information we have been shown. But I think the...
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    Dev Blog 05/04/18

    I think it would be more proper to format it as: "if it's plausible, it's realistic". It's possible to board a spaceship and travel to the moon, but it wouldn't be plausible to implement that into the world of Calradia. If grand castles were rare during the periods the game draws inspiration...
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    Dev Blog 05/04/18

    I don't think it was a very deep analysis. Suspension of disbelief is a very basic concept, and it's a cornerstone for the broader RPG genre. It's easier to suspend your disbelief in Ratchet & Clank than in Kingdom Come if you have a degree in history because you know Ratchet & Clank isn't...
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    Dev Blog 05/04/18

    Re: realism and historical accuracy in video game design. This discussion resurfaces every time a new medieval-inspired fantasy game is announced. The two sides almost always seem to talk past each other. There is a sense in which a hyper-realistic realistic game would be boring, because it...
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    Say Cheese v2

    I always thought Densetsu looked familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. The other day, my friend was telling me about his first time trying heroin, and then it hit me.
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    What's on your mind?

    They also still haven't uploaded the latest version to GoG, even though it's like half a year old.
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    Religion Thread

    Right, but it's no longer first-hand empirical evidence, which would only require you to trust your senses. Now you need to trust the first-hand accounts of other people. I don't think this is fully relevant to my argument. To my knowledge, no matter how much progress the scientific community...