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  1. diavel

    Unsolved Bartering leveling exploit, 1 denar for 1 denar

    The offer of 1 denar for 1 denar is always accepted and can be used to level up charm.
  2. diavel

    Unsolved Companions reset their group assignment between saves

    Most of my companions reset to (1) infantry. Wife of my character resets to (3) cavalry. Neither are on horseback. Every time I load the game I need to reassign them.
  3. diavel

    Duration of player's battles in in-game time.

    I may be wrong but I think that battles in which player fights take no time on the campaign map. It can be exploitable during war campaigns when multiple lords of one faction fight multiple lords of other faction. They "lock" themselves in battles that last for some time. You can then simply...
  4. diavel

    Arena melee fights & Bounty hunting suggestions

    Few things that I'd like to see changed in arena melee fights: - only wooden weapons, just like in native arena fights, that would make "knocking down" instead of killing logical, - sometimes, during a fight some of enemies seem to team up, that wouldn't be bad but they actually are unable (and...
  5. diavel

    [Suggestion] Explore Area (3d free roam option)

    Just a simple idea - make it possible for your character to enter "3d version" of every place on the map. For example, in the camp menu add an option "Explore Area" which would let your character (with or without your troops) roam around the randomly generated area - similar to those during...
  6. diavel

    Collective Drawing...

    :D 1. Download latest version of the picture. 2. Use your favourite graphic editing program and make some changes (but not too many). 3. Upload your version (for example here: 4. Post it in this thread. version 1: starting image: latest version: I know there are many...
  7. diavel

    Searching Forums

    I personally don't use forums' search button (). I think results of searching are too chaotic and random. I prefer google search with: Like this: What do you think?
  8. diavel


    I see two problems with pings in Warband: * The first one is that in server list many servers appear to have ping more than 100, 200 or even 300 and more, but when I get on the server my ping appears to be around 50-80 which is quite good. Why is ping showing on server list different from the...
  9. diavel

    Time Travel/Stopping/Slowing films

    As a person burdened with bad habits of procrastination I've always loved films and books about time travel, time stopping, time slowing. I've watched/read a few of them and I'm really disappointed. Is it only me that would be a really bad person with this kind of ability? Every character seems...
  10. diavel

    Realism vs Balance

    M&B:WB (and m&B) is one the most realistic games (when it comes to "feel" during fighting) I've played which is why I like it so much. There are situations in the game though when for playability - realism needs to be sacrificed. Some people have argued for example that archers are too precise...
  11. diavel

    Warband Laptop

    Hello I'm currently playing warband on my laptop (specs) with graphics set to absolute minimum. That is directx7, ~800x500, with "low"s, "no"s and "minimum"s. I'm happy to play at all but with more than ~50 Calradians in battle frame rate drops below 20fps - this is unbearable... well I can...
  12. diavel

    SwimBot Contest - Evolving Swimbots in GenePool

    The Best Evolved SwimBot Contest  :twisted: RULES: *. Download and run GENE POOL *. Send me your favourite evolved swimbot *. Owner of the winning swimbot kind will gain everlasting respect among all swimbot communities of the Solar System ;) video: img:
  13. diavel

    Mount & Blade Nord Challenge

    Hey. After playing few mods, some of them cool, some weird and some pointless.. I decided to play Native again but with few additional rules: - max. riding skill: 3 - weapons: throwing, axes and pole arms - troops only from villages belonging to Nords, no (non-Nordic) rescued prisoners, no...
  14. diavel

    Teen Buzz

    Can you hear them all? 1. 2. 3. 4.
  15. diavel

    How old are we?

    I'm just curious. My estimation is that the most would be 17-19, I'm a little bit older though. Edit: Good estimation.