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    Seems like another horror game that isn't intent on just throwing jumpscares at you. Has a few cool mechanics and seems rather interesting, but I wouldn't expect too much out of it. The story sounds a bit cliché. You're a subject at some weird underground hospital and for some reason everyone's...
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    Itsenäisyyspäivä 2014

    Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! Toivottavasti kaikki ovat taas kerran katsoneet (sen alkuperäisen) Tuntemattoman Sotilaan.
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    EU-vaalit 2014

    Vaalipäivä lähestyy. Kai kaikki foorumilaiset äänestää? Tässä hieman esimakua.
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    Chinese are Turk claim

    Two year old observation states the Chinese are actually Turkic!
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    Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

    Seeing as discussion was flowing over to other topics I decided to create a new one specifically for this. For those of you who don't know, Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a free roguelike with ASCII graphics. You wake up a day after the apocalypse or whatever and will have to deal with hunger...
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    T4 Program

    For those of you who don't know, T4 was a Nazi euthanasia program during which many disabled people were terminated. This had to do with eugenics, as it was believed that mental illnesses and such were hereditary and that by killing off all the affected people you could rid the rest from the...
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    The Witch's House

    It would seem we don't have a topic for this game yet. I'm going to my friends house (which, ironically, is on the other side of a dark forest) to play this in a couple of hours, so I decided to start a thread for it. Basically, it's a free to download puzzle-oriented horror game, kind of GBA...
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    Computer Speakers

    So my uncle buys one object for everyone in the family the winter they turn 18. My cheap speakers died this summer, so I thought this would be the perfect chance to get new ones. I've been looking around a little, but am no expert when it comes to this. The only one that convinced me at a first...
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    Analogue: A Hate Story Analogue: A Hate Story is an Indie visual novel made by Christine Love. On Steam for 10€.
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    Islamic Insurgency in the Philippines So there's a lot of Philipino people around here. What's going on around there?
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    Legend of Grimrock

    Did a quick search, didn't find any threads about this game. Legend of Grimrock is an old-school dungeon crawler made by Almost Human. Released today, hit #1 top selling on Steam. This review sums it up rather nicely: It's great fun, with puzzles...
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    Evolva Scout

    Found my old copy when rummaging through old stuff in the house. Reinstalled and was overwhelmed with memories. This game is so much win. Anyone tried it? Evolva is a shooter developed by Computer Artworks in the year 2000.
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    Making a game

    So, me and three other guys are going to make a small-scale RPG using the Unity engine. No, don't expect any Havoc-level stuff. In fact, don't expect anything at all from us, you know how these projects usually end. :P In any case, since we're all more or less new to this stuff, would anyone...
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    Did a quick search and didn't find anything about this so I might as well make a new topic. Technically it's Neverwinter Nights 3 (MMORPG, with an option to play alone, it seems). Seeing as how good the series was I hope they don't **** it up as much as the other 'RPG's' that have been coming...
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    Yet another looking for computer thread

    So, I'm looking for a gaming desktop, but as it happens I'm a complete illiterate when it comes to computers and I decided to come here in search of answers. I've been looking at the AMD Bulldozer for a while but, as said, I know nothing. Suggestions welcome. :) Also, price range: Preferably at...
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    So I recently downloaded a file that seems to have included a program named 'Sweetim'. It went out messing up my stuff (namely browsers and MSN) and it is seems impossible to delete Sweetim from my computer. Warning signals were sounding. A quick search later on Google tells me that this is some...
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    Horror fiction (suggestions welcome

    I'm quite sure there's a thread like this but I couldn't find it. So, I'm looking for some good horror books of any sub-genre. Preferably not the classical thriller but let's not exclude those. Get those suggestions up and going. Thanks on beforehand.
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    Death Penalty?

    Tried to search for something like this, but I've never learned to use the search machine properly, so forgive me if it's already up somewhere. What are your opinions on the matter? Why?
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    White Mischief

    I found this book in my dad's old cellar. Apparently, he had borrowed it from grandpa before he died. I haven't looked too much into it yet. Basically, it's about some guys of the british upperclass going to Kenya and one of them gets shot in the head. Based on a real story. Has anyone read...
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    Random thread is dedicated to Pavlov and Frodogorn. We have all heard of him, but have you ever wondered who this masterous stalker really is?