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  1. omzdog

    Starship Theory

    Everyone's going crazy over the recent AAA E3 games. But this could be even more interesting. Something like FTL and Rimworld in one game.
  2. omzdog

    US Politics and News

    The election thread is dying, and since US politics is overbearing, I thought I'd keep it separate from the world news thread. So here we go: New York passes free college bill. We're catching up to the rest of the industrialized world now. Just need a nationwide plan. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. omzdog

    Machine/Deep Learning and the Direction of the Gaming Industry

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Let's speculate and wonder. Basically I wish to draw your attention to, for a short while, imagine a time in which video games are no longer 'crafted by hand'. Machine learning is an ever expanding field with concepts such as machine vision and decision boundary thrown around. Its...
  4. omzdog

    Reggie Watts

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    Skank Away

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  6. omzdog

    Upside-down Moscovites

    In America cops beat you. In Russia, you beat cops.
  7. omzdog

    Heat Wave

    Its hot as hell here on the East Coast. Anyone else feelin' it?
  8. omzdog

    Texture Refresh

    I like to look at how my changes occur on the actual mesh while I'm upgrading textures. OpenBRF doesn't support refreshing the materials and textures when they are editted repeatedly. Possible to change this?
  9. omzdog

    Team Heraldrey

    I get in Warband and I see giant circles floating above my teammates heads. Giant inconspicuous glowing things that often get in my view in close mellee. Get rid of those ugly things and spruce it up with a nice seemed heraldic tecture planted right on the front and back of armors and even...
  10. omzdog

    Contemporary Irony

    I came here to say one thing. It took me some time to figure out that others don't give a damn about my opinion. And so I'll be shutting the **** up now. G'day gents.
  11. omzdog

    Fatigue System

    Seems this system is bugged. I'm in a lord's army and fighting in formation and a few minutes in I'm pooped out after our reinforcements get in and our formations breaks. So I'm trying to get back to the formation like the AI but I'm the only one who keeps tripping over himself. Making me look...
  12. omzdog

    Previous Names

    Yo all I'm asking for some feature that always us to see the previous avatars of each forumite when we see his profile. Just some little thumbnail series of pictures that shows old avatars and maybe the dates they were changed. Sometimes I forget who's who after they change their avatar and I'd...
  13. omzdog

    A truly epic Medieval battle

    Found this exert from the wiki page of the Battle of Arsuf, a series of early engagements between Saladin and Richard I which established the Lionheart's abilities as a general in Outremer during the Third Crusade. I thought it was pretty damn interesting and noted how awesome it would be to...
  14. omzdog


    Don't think we've touched on this topic. Let us discuss. What exactly are they? Lovers of the obscure or haters of the cliche? A friend once told me hipsters hate other hipsters and will never truly admit to being one himself. Do they exist outside of the urban demographic?
  15. omzdog

    Kingdom Borders

    Hail, One thing I don't like about Warband is how armies will target simply weak castles and cities. Sometimes they'll be successful and claim an island in a sea of enemy territory. The enemy then retakes it and the king now whats to reclaim this obscure parcel of land in a far away enemy...
  16. omzdog

    Filthy filthy dub

    McAfee told me this stuff was too filthy for me to play. So apparently somebody went and ruined dubstep AND...
  17. omzdog

    Implementing a charge

    I was thinking last night about why infantry in combat in Warband finds itself always circling in individual fights and why no battle line is ever really established and why formations don't work at all. In ancient warfare and martial tactics formations would collide with each other in tight...
  18. omzdog

    Realism or Arcade

    tl,dr? Skip to conclusion Thesis Alright I wanted to test the community in which way they would like the game to engineer itself. As I see it, development is either leaning towards how real (and/or historically accurate) said development is (as in comparing universal physics and the limits of...
  19. omzdog

    British Elections

    The political climate in my motherland is changing. Discus and respond. This is different  jcrusade's thread because I want specific responses to what happened and what's going to happen.
  20. omzdog

    Amber Lamps

    Discuss them.