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  1. TrashMan

    Problem with units, upgrades and armor

    A simple truth is that 90% of an army were conscripts/levies - troops with equipment that was practically never of quality. Only nobles had the best armor, everyone else managed how they could. In fact, mercenaries and professional soldiers were the only one with what you could call "good"...
  2. TrashMan

    Courtship and no second chances

    Who thought the current system was a good idea? You need to get a PERFECT conversation to pass, and if you don't, you're shut down forever. Hell, even the option to "talk about it later" (I though I'd return when I buff my charm a bit) locks you out completely as if you failed!
  3. TrashMan

    Armies in peacetime and recruitment

    There needs to be a lot more peace time with feasts and grand tournaments, but the AI has to be adjusted for that to happen. Namely, building armies during peacetime. You don't need them during peacetime. Armies were assembled as needed, the actual standing armies were tiny. Seasons and general...
  4. TrashMan

    BL Coding Wooing the ladies - more chances/conversation change

    Right now you get ONE chance to impress a lady. If it fails, you are f***. And even worse, if you realize your chaces are slim and back out of the conversation (lke's talk abot this another time/long story) it treats hat as if you failed! Anyone know if it's possible to change that?
  5. TrashMan

    BL Other Can troops/units use custom facegen or can you only use tempaltes?

    If they can, how? If not, can one make their own templates? I found clothing/gear templates looking trough the game files, but no face templates
  6. TrashMan

    No modding corner/forum?

    I find it odd. I know the tools aren't out yet (hurry it up), but people are already modding and a place to share their findings. And speaking of that - anyone know if we can define our custom face and clothing templates? Right now NPC lords use templates, not a list of items like units.
  7. TrashMan

    Quests and feasts and towns

    QUESTS are dissapointing. Too linear, too predictable with no real options. And here are far too few of them! Add some RNG so the quest can branch. For example: Rescue Kidnapped Daughter quest. Let's say that if you take it, there's a 25% chance that the girl was really kidnapped (in which case...
  8. TrashMan

    Mod Tools when?

    I never saw an ETA. The sooner the tools are out, the better for everyone.
  9. TrashMan

    Forced kills

    Why is death forced in so many cases? I equip blunt weapons on myself and my companion, fight that lover from the Kidnapped Daughter quest since I failed the conversation check and he ends up dead instead of knocked out. I try using only fists. Still the same result - "You killed him, you...
  10. TrashMan

    Culture bonuses balance - Discuss

    It's a mess. Vlanidian with 20% XP boost is a no-brainer. The Empires 20% speed for buiding is good. Everything else is...kinda crappy and situational. So how would you change and what? I guess the forest movement bonus could be improved with better foraging in forests?
  11. TrashMan

    Unsolved Choronad is wrong settlemet type

    This village is in he mountains, but produces fish and also has the wrong aesthetic loaded (sea village)
  12. TrashMan


    Marriage - when should you be able to marry, whom, and how? I say the only restriction should be having a home - not necessarily a fief, you could buy a house in the village or town* - before you can marry. You can woo anyone, from a peasant girl to companion to NPC. Why should I be restricted...
  13. TrashMan


    1- Steps should be taken to stop snowballing. Wars should be more of a seasonal thing (wars during harvesting season would be avoided), with castles having better defenses/garrisons. Other possible solutions could include attrition, WAR EXHAUSTION desertion after too long campaigns, and similar...
  14. TrashMan

    Accesing dev mode?

    Anyone know how to do it when your keyboard doesn't have a ~ key (for me it's RightAlt+1) and naturally, Ctrl+RightAlt+1 doesn't work. I really want my build and age slider.
  15. TrashMan

    2 major issues and how to fix them

    1) load times and loading screens. Aside form general optimizations, the best solution is to cut out UNNECESSARY things being loaded. For example, when you get into the town you can see the portratis of notable NPC's for quick and easy acess...except it's not quick and easy. There is no need to...
  16. TrashMan

    Floaty combat

    Now before I go any further, a disclaimer. I play mainly SP and couldn't care less about multiplayer (I'll go so far as to say it is detremental to the games overall quality) With that out of the way, watching some videos of combat, the one thing that always felt off and kind jumps out at me...
  17. TrashMan

    Editing fief improvements?

    Can anyone tell me how to edit fief improvement build time, costs and revenue? There was a program I used to use (TweakMB), but it's for older versions of PoP, and now it won't work with 3.8.
  18. TrashMan

    Some Suggestions

    1. It's kinda silly that all the kings of the continent are wifeless, childless men and that EVERY kingdom has a pretender just waiting. Mix it up. Please, add wives, princes and princesses. Princes and Princesses might be like lords and have an army (depending on culture I guess. Would be nice...
  19. TrashMan

    Tweaked PoP 3.7063

    For those of you looking for a somewhat.. more fair experience. What I did: - removed ugly hats from hot ladies - tweaked a few weapons (warammer now has piercing thrust attack, pendor greatsword better at piercing) - Jatu...
  20. TrashMan

    Attrition, troops and mercencaries

    One thing I think is somewhat of a flaw in M&B, is how your enemies play by completely different rules in regards to troops. Even if they loose the whole army, the magically get troops back really fast, including elites. Meanwhile, the player has to painstakingly fill back losses in a slow...