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  1. gokiller

    LSP Scenes The Ultimate Scene Pack (5 new Scenes!)

    The Ultimate Scene Pack The Ultimate Scene Pack is a pack that contains a variation of villages and castles that are created for the modification Stronghold Conquest. As I am not sure if I'll ever fully be able to finish this modification, I decided to release these scenes beforehand. In time...
  2. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: Faction list

    Here is a list of all the factions that currently can be found in the mod! Romans    - Roman Empire   - Roman Asia   - Roman Gallia   - Roman Hispania   - Roman Illyricum Briton Tribes   - Scotii   - Caledonii German Tribes   - Marcomanni   - Frisii   - Chatii   - Suebi   - Langobardi   -...
  3. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: 1.4 Released (28 April - Updated)

    1.4 was released several months ago, haven't been around in the past months. So figured I might as well update this board with the latest release! Bellum Imperii 1.4 The links: Moddb Steam Workshop Installation 1.4 Changelog Join the Steamgroup for the latest News & Previews! - Click...
  4. gokiller

    Development of BI: 1.4 Changelog Preview!

    Welcome back lads, the recovering process has taken a long time, but I managed to do it finally. 1.4 Will be released soon, below is a preview of the current changelog which might be subject to additional changes! Beside the for some of you 'good news'. I would like to remind you all that...
  5. gokiller

    SP Fantasy [WB] Stronghold Conquest

    Information Stonghold Conquest is a new and relative small Singleplayer-mod-project for M&B: Warband that puts its focus on the scening aspect of the game. The mod will try to give you the best possible experience with tons of unique towns and castles for you to visit! Behind the focus on...
  6. gokiller

    Looking for a Map Icon maker!

    Good day lads! I've been looking for some time for someone who can make various unique and generic map icons for my mod; Bellum Imperii. So here this thread with the hopes that someone here has the knowledge/experience to make map icons! What is Bellum Imperii? Bellum Imperii is a Roman themed...
  7. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: 1.3 Released!

    Bellum Imperii 1.3 The links: Moddb Steam Workshop Installation 1.3 Changelog Join the Steamgroup for the latest News&Previews! -
  8. gokiller

    POLL: Include Greek units: Yes or No?

    This poll is meant to decide whether to include the Greek units in 1.0 that are shown in the screenshots below or not. Pro's - More unit variation - Sweet equipment Cons - Inaccurate to the time frame the mod takes place in. Previews Credits: Equipment and armor were made by Rgcotl...
  9. gokiller

    [WB][SP]Tadroth in Flames

    Information Tadroth in Flames, is a fantasy modification set in the world called "Tadroth". At this point there are three major factions who controll parts of the world. These are the Gildorians, Thagons and Republicans. Tadroth in Flames will provide a world based around the Medieval age and...
  10. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: Previews & Dev Blogs

    Preview thread! Here's a first one, a variation of Parthian phyrian caps. Suggestions can be posted in the suggestion thread if there are any regarding content.
  11. gokiller

    MP Tutorial Presentation [NW] Creating a new unit section

    [Tutorial] Creating a new unit section I've been toying around a bit with the unit menu of NW the past hours. With some sweet results. (For someone who barely touches presentations etc) Considering I haven't really seen this in any mod currently I thought that I mind as well create a quick...
  12. gokiller

    BI: Alpha 0.5 Released [Updated board]

    This mod is currently using Brytenwalda as it's base. Download links 0.5 Part 1 0.5 Part 2 [center] [center] Changelog Alpha 0.5
  13. gokiller

    Congrats on the Sub-board!

    Glad this mod finnaly has its well deserved sub-board! Congrats and good luck with the further development!
  14. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: Credits + Thank you's

    Dev's - Gokiller - Akathir - Karantukki Credits/Thank you's Jaakko for Roman Era Buildings. leandrojas_ for Mundus Magnus Rigadoon for  Elephant Caba`drin for his many usefull OSP scripts Dunde for his Troop tree Presentation Jarvisimo for his Classical OSP Llew for Mount&Gladius 2.0...
  15. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: Downloads - 1.5.2 Released!

    - Introduction - Bellum Imperii is an complete overhaul modification for M&B: Warband. It represents ancient Europe and parts of Africa and Asia during Marcus Aurelius reign of the Roman Empire. - Important Links - - Moddb Page (For the latest Previews) - Steam Workshop Page (For an easy...
  16. gokiller

    Patch Previews + Newsblogs - 0.6

    Here is everything posted that is coming in a new patch. So you can keep an eye on what to expect! 0.4 Scenes Features 4 New factions. One with a brand new troop tree. - Sarmantians. - Marcomanni - Frisii - Scotti 2 Factions renamed - Brittanic Tribes = Caledonii - Germanic Tribes =...
  17. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: Bug + Glitch Reports

    If you have found any bugs while playing the mod report them here. So I can try and fix the bugs as soon as possible. Known bugs yet to be fixed. - Several errors that prevent the logs to work normally. (Takes a while before stats are being previewed) - Double spears. - Glitchly Brittanic...
  18. gokiller

    Bellum Imperii: Suggestions

    If you have any suggestions for the mod's future please share it here! Keep it clear!
  19. gokiller

    M&B Mod News Steamgroup [Random Idea]

    Hey there! I've recently been thinking a bit about having some way so mods could share news about updates or devs blog in a gathered place. For tha I came on the next idea that perhaps could be useful to some people within this community. However I'm not sure yet if it would actually be useful...
  20. gokiller

    [WB][S]Bellum Imperii

    [left] - Introduction - Heyho! Bellum Imperii is an Roman modification, based around the time when Marcus Aurelius was Emperor. Including wars against the Parthians, Germans and Dacians. - Alpha Downloads - Dropbox Link = 0.1 Dropbox Link = 0.11 Dropbox Link = 0.2 Dropbox Link =...