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  1. Dyktator

    [Singleplayer] Well-known community characters in the game lore

    What do you think about putting somehow well-known individuals in the game? For example I would love to hear from NPCs a history about ancient emperor of Calradia, named Armagan the Great, who built Zendar. Or bandits' warlord Frank Elliott, who captured and prisoned another Calradian emperor a...
  2. Dyktator

    Polish Cup: "The Game"

    Hey! This year we're going to host new forum mini-game during our 7th Polish Cup. And ... it'll be opened for everyone, not only for Polish! If you want to join, just follow these 3 steps: 1) Register in (since Polish forum is the place where it'll be run) 1) Just click...
  3. Dyktator

    National Communities Poll#1

    Hey guys. I'm starting this poll to check out which community is considered as the most valuable. I've used the negative sentence, since everyone would vote for their nation in case of the question like "Which community is the best?". Ofc I mean known players (in the game or/and forums) by the...
  4. Dyktator

    Who will win this season?

  5. Dyktator

    [ECS3] Semi Finals

    SEMI FINALS DEADLINES SCHEDULING:  16.06.2016  •  MATCH:  19.06.2016 MAPS & FACTIONS 20.06.2016; 19:30BST Freelancers 10-9 Unity MAPS & FACTIONS 19.06.2016; 19:30BST KURWA 10[center]-8 Defenders of Wonwokie
  6. Dyktator

    [ECS3] Administration & Staff

    ADMINISTRATION ADMINISTRATORS Watly Steam TaleWorlds BlackTide Steam TaleWorlds Twitter Dyktator Steam TaleWorlds Twitter Rome Steam TaleWorlds Volcom Steam TaleWorlds CONSULTANTS Fabio Steam TaleWorlds Twitter REFEREES Echelon Steam TaleWorlds Sharky Steam...
  7. Dyktator

    [ECS3] Server Bookings & Admin Mod

    SERVERS ECS Admin Mod Please be sure to book your server(s) at least 24 hours prior to the match. In order to do so, please fill out the 'Server Booking Form' below. The servers can be used for both ECS and casual matches, however, ECS matches will have priority due to the limited amount of...
  8. Dyktator

    Mortal Kombat X Mobile

    Is there anyone who is playing in MKX Mobile? If yes, I encourage to post your collections.
  9. Dyktator

    [NC 2016] Grand Final & Bronze Match - Turkey NC2016 Champions

    FINALS DEADLINES SCHEDULING:  02.03.16  ·  MATCH: 06.03.16 MAPS & FACTIONS Sunday, 06.03.16, 19:30 GMT Belgium & Netherlands 6 - 9 Turkey MAPS & FACTIONS Default Win United Kingdom 12[center]-0 [font=georgia]France
  10. Dyktator

    [NC2016] NCB Semi Finals

    NCB SEMI FINALS DEADLINES SCHEDULING: 02.03.16  ·  MATCH: 06.03.16 MAPS & FACTIONS Sunday, 06.03.16, 19:00 GMT Norway & Denmark 5 - 9 Austria & Switzerland MAPS & FACTIONS Saturday, 05.03.16, 20:00 GMT Sweden 12[center]-0 [font=georgia]Yugoslavia
  11. Dyktator

    WFAS Olympic Games II

    All informations are here:
  12. Dyktator

    Warband Competitive Cards - discussion & applications (NC16)

    [list] Previous thread -> click here MAIN THREAD Use Antialiasing x8 and Shift, when you're taking screenshot! Requirements Applications form I'd like to thank: DatFrog - for his awesome national banners Belendor - for creating 2 logos (1 & 2) Prince17 - for his cool class icons and headers...
  13. Dyktator

    [WCC] Warband Competitive Cards

    Note: This thread will be closed, since such number of pictures could cause problems with page loading. I'd started another topic for discussions and applications, so post your messages here: (not yet),338958.0.html , please. If you don't have good...
  14. Dyktator

    [NC 16] Poland

    * logo has been made by Dyktator & Prince17 HARMAN CAPTAIN Steam TaleWorlds SEBEK V. CAPTAIN Steam TaleWorlds PRINCE V. CAPTAIN Steam TaleWorlds VIRUS MATCHMAKER Steam TaleWorlds                              
  15. Dyktator

    [WNL5] Quarter Finals - Deadline 15/11

    QUARTER FINALS DEADLINES SCHEDULING:  12.11.15  •  MATCH:  15.11.15 MAPS & FACTIONS Sunday, 15.11.15, 19:30 GMT [color=red]KURWA [color=red]6-[color=green]8 [color=green]Unity MAPS & FACTIONS Sunday, 15.11.15, 19:00 GMT [color=red][b]Freelancers...
  16. Dyktator

    [WNL5] Knockout Stage

    KNOCKOUT  STAGE QUARTER FINAL A KURWA6-8Unity SEMI FINAL A Unity0-12Apis Europae QUARTER FINAL D Freelancers4-9Apis Europae GRAND FINAL [color=green]Apis Europae[color=green]11-[color=red]6[color=red]Irish Rebels QUARTER FINAL B [color=green]Irish...
  17. Dyktator

    [WNL5] Week 5 Fixtures - Deadline 25/10

    WEEK 5 DEADLINES SCHEDULING: 22.10.15  ·  MATCH: 25.10.15 MAPS & FACTIONS Thursday, 22.10.15, 18:00 GMT Hitmen & Friends 12 - 0 Order of Knights Sunday, 25.10.15, 19:30 GMT Turtle Knights 4-9 Sith Order Saturday, 24.10.15, 19:30 GMT Enmity 4-12 Fearless...
  18. Dyktator

    [WNL5] Week 2 Fixtures - Deadline 4/10

    WEEK 2 DEADLINES SCHEDULING: 01.10.15  ·  MATCH: 04.10.15 MAPS & FACTIONS Sunday, 04.10.15, 19:30 GMT Alliances of Destruction 12 - 1 Die Acht Monuren Sunday, 04.10.15, 19:30 GMT Aequalitas 11-11 The Kingdom of Swadia Friday, 02.10.15, 19:00 GMT Mein...
  19. Dyktator

    Warband Competitive Cards -> redirection

    CLICK HERE It's just a redirection topic. I've decided to put it here, because original thread was posted in the WNL board, so some people could miss it.
  20. Dyktator

    [WNL5] Cards - discussion & applications

    I guess I don't need to explain that,335390.0.html 1) How does it look? check the examples in the next spoiler! 2) Borders' colours (gold, silver, bronze) depend on involvement  in the international tournaments. - Take part in at least 9  main...