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  1. mauromagno

    WB Coding Dedicated server

    A while ago I am trying to create a dedicated server to test some things of my mod, but I don't know what happens, it tells me that I am banned from my own server. I have read other threads but it seems that nobody gives a solution ... does anyone know something?
  2. mauromagno

    WB Coding That the AoFI cannon can damage destructible objects

    A long time ago I started modeling on the AoFI Module System, a musket mod that had cannons, but they only worked in multiplayer. I would like someone to help me modify certain aspects of the cannon so that it can destroy destructible scenes props in battle, in single, as in multiplayer. The...
  3. mauromagno

    WB Coding block music to make way for musical sound

    Hello everyone, I have used the tavern animation pack for a long time in my mod, but I always had a problem that I would like now, they will help me solve ... (I also commented the thread of this code but nobody answered) The code includes musicians in the taverns and the problem is that when...
  4. mauromagno

    WB Coding village improvements, physically reflected in the general map

    Hello everyone... I just did a tutorial to create an animated windmill in my mod, everything turned out fine, despite some drawbacks which I think are fixable .... I wonder, how could I make a mill appear next to my village that I manage, when I make an improvement?
  5. mauromagno

    WB Coding how can i add ground dust to the troop

    I would like to add to the people and soldiers when they walk or run, dust from their feet, like horses when they run on the ground of earth and also to these when they walk and trot, but in less quantity. because they only throw dust when they run ... This would give more realism to daily...
  6. mauromagno

    WB Coding implement flags on troops for singleplayer

    I need to implement flags on my troops, to make them look more likeable. Automatic flags. In multiplayer everyone knows the flag capture mode ..... well, So I would like to have a troop, which apart from being a soldier with a weapon, carries an automatic flag, since I only made a flag type...
  7. mauromagno

    WB Coding fog

    Where can I modify the intensity of the fog in module system? since it is very intense at times and I can only see 5 meters or less
  8. mauromagno

    WB Coding wait time in multiplayer sieges

    In which module can I find the defender's waiting time in multiplayer sieges? ... I think it's too long 30 seconds for my mod that uses firearms....
  9. mauromagno

    WB Coding Movable village

    Hello everyone, I want to put a ghost village or an uninhabited one, where I will place certain objects as a treasure, but I want that village not to be fixed or static, but to appear from time to time as the bandit lair does, in different coordinates. I just need to know how to put a party like...
  10. mauromagno

    WB Coding Banner at the beginning of the battle

    Hello friends, We all know that in native at the beginning of an open field battle, your banner and your inventory chest appear next to you ... After several things done in my mod (code changes, adding codes, etc.) I realized that the chest and the banner did not appear. I have searched for many...
  11. mauromagno

    WB Coding replace scene_prop on break

    Hello friends, I have created a glass bottle to break it in single as in multiplayer, with saber or with shots. The code I copied it from the element "gourd", but I want that after breaking this bottle an already broken one appears. I have the bottle, the broken bottle, the particles and the...
  12. mauromagno

    WB Coding problems adding a new faction

    Hello Friends, I would like to know if can help me to solve some small problems with my mod ... Now I'm modeling version 5 and added a new faction, which has given me several problems that I don't know where to start looking ... 1- some people in the cities are aggressive with my character and...
  13. mauromagno

    [WB][B]Mod Independencia de Chile Full Versión

    Mod Independencia de Chile Version 4.0 Hola a todos, como ya todos saben, he demorado bastante en la realización de la nueva versión, esto se debe a varios motivos, el principal es la poca ayuda que tuve durante el desarrollo de ésta, pero lo importante es que ya está terminada. Fueron muchos...
  14. mauromagno

    B Musket Era Other Chile Independence Mod Full Version

    Chile Independence Mod Version 4.0 Hello everyone, as you all know, I have delayed enough in the realization of the new version, this is due to several reasons, the main is the little help I had during the development of this one, but the important thing is that it is finished. It was many days...
  15. mauromagno

    How to Add Napoleonic Spyglass to my mod of Warband

    Hello everyone I need someone to help me to put the napoleonic spyglass in my mod, knowing that my mod is based on Warband .. I tried, but it's system is different, I put the triger in mission template , in presentation and script, in addition to the item, the mesh, animation and variables in...
  16. mauromagno

    remove skills?

    How I can remove those skills, from the character panel.?  I work with Module system....
  17. mauromagno

    [WB][B]Chile Independence Mod Version 3.0

    Chile Independence Mod Version 3.0 Hello guys, as you are aware, I have finished a new version of the mod Independence of Chile. The work has been hard, although I have not finished yet because I need to spend more time in that. There are things such as the castles in singleplayer (barracks)...
  18. mauromagno

    [WB][B]Mod Independencia de Chile Version 3.0

    Mod Independencia de Chile Version 3.0 Hola muchachos, como se pueden dar cuenta, he terminado una nueva version del mod Independencia de Chile.  El trabajo ha sido muy duro, aunque no lo he terminado del todo, ya que siempre me falta tiempo, hay cosas por ejemplo en el singleplayer como los...
  19. mauromagno

    differentiate infantry, archers and others in multiplayer with muskets (Help)

    I need a code to differentiate infantry archers and others in multiplayer, but all carry a musket the idea is to select infants (rifle) and put them on one flank and archers (hunters or grenadiers) elsewhere, in a battle Can someone help me out?
  20. mauromagno

    [WB][MP] Medieval War Version 1.0

    Medieval War 1.0 Buenas a todos, he aqui la nueva version version de mi mod Medieval War 1.0, ahora esta mas completo, mejor ambientado y llevara artilleria, (Catapultas) Los principales cambios son los siguientes: - He ambientado el mod al siglo XII, con nuevos nombres de Facciones, de...