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  1. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    The Levy Suggestion

    Okay so as everyone knows Castles and Towns have prosperity which is pretty much population as the higher it is the more they eat. I propose a that their is a option to recruit a Levy into a army using prosperity. 1st you have another army option in towns called "Raise the Levy" which will...
  2. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    Missing Launcher?

    Okay so when I click the Bannerlord Icon on my home screen nothing happens but I can go in Win64 and launch the game in Vannila and it works this way but then I don't get the Launcher to load my mods which seems to be missing. I looked through the Win64 Files and couldn't find it anywhere. Is...
  3. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    What do you think is the best way to set up your army?

    What do you think is the best way to set up your army? Me Personally is Swadian Knights , Saranid Maulmukes , Khegirt Mounted Archers , Saranid Archers and Huscarls for a field army. Now for a siege army Huscarls , Saranid Archers , Saranid Skirmishers and Swadian Infantry.
  4. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    The Book on NW tactics and troops and other things

    The Book on NW tactics and troops including Weapons Melee , exotic , Artillery , Shells and Ranged Written and Compiled by Honorary Colonel Sansa D’Eveque (This is a compilation of some of my work and others including Rejenorst- Calvary Tips on Taleworlds, Major Tomas Shoffner- NAPOLEON’S...
  5. Duchess Rosé of Suno


    So I wanted to marry a Lady from the Azcotic Empire is that possible? Ps: she's the only one who's not married in that faction.
  6. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    A great idea for a event

    So I was thinking if there is still a player base for this game we could do a event or events if we could come up with more. One I think would be fun is Custers last stand event 1. Theres more Indians than Union troops say 60% or 70% Indians and 40% or 30% Union troops. 2. 1 Flag bearer , 1...
  7. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    Looking for a event

    Hello Starks Knights are looking for a event for Native we have about 16  people if anyone knows about any upcoming events please contact me on Steam at Duchess of Silesia Ashtyn Stark
  8. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    New PW server is up

    The server is for PW its called EU_feudalgaming it needs a little bigger player Base so join up anf have fun
  9. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    Hey I'm starting a Clan/Army (NA)

    Hi The Clan Name will Be Stark's Knights Then the army name is Royal Silesian Army (RSA) To join Stark's Knights (STK) contact me on steam at Ashton Lundrum so I can ask you some Questions. Another Part of the RSA Will be Knights Templar Auf Silesia (KAS) here is the the template for admission...
  10. Duchess Rosé of Suno


    is this mod dead
  11. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    7thJägerbattalion Auf Silesia (PRB) Line Battle Thursday 24th (NA/EU)

    Hello my Brigade/Regiment would like to do a Line Battle on Thursday the 24th at 5pm mountain standard and you are a Reg commander and are interested plz contact me on steam at Ashton Lundrum. Sincerely Duchess Ashton
  12. Duchess Rosé of Suno

    The 7thJagerbattalion Auf Silesia is recruiting now

    ABOUT 7TH JÄGERBATTALION AUF SILESIA- The Origin of the 7th Auf Silesia The year is 1757, and the Seven Years' War is still raging on throughout Europe. Frederick the Great, the glorious leader of the German people, brings an army of 67,000 men on the war path to Prague to capture the rich city...