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  1. stevehoos

    make companion do patroling

    Do you have mod lib enabled?
  2. stevehoos

    The Community and Myself Deserve a Refund!

    I think outstanding mods lured people into thinking that this was going to be a home run game.
  3. stevehoos

    The Community and Myself Deserve a Refund!

    Nobody in here that has spent a lot of time playing this game deserves a refund. What we do deserve is a game worthy of 8 years of production and for it to be better than a DLC from 2014 (VC).
  4. stevehoos

    My cpu burned. Buying new one

    I don't think the 16 cores will matter. I'd go with the speed.
  5. stevehoos

    My cpu burned. Buying new one

    Get the best one that your budget allows, computer stuff goes out of date so quickly.
  6. stevehoos

    Anyone else find the progression system really unsatisfying?

    I have never felt rushed when playing Warband or any of its mods that don't have some invasion script. In Bannerlord I feel rushed to get my companions, rushed to get a workshop-you are in the red daily without one, rushed to get married (age), and rushed to found a kingdom before some of the...
  7. stevehoos

    Do engineer companions work?

    Yeah it doesn't really show up much.
  8. stevehoos

    Bannerlord is missing many good features from Warband and VC

    The thing that concerns me is that Viking Conquest was not worked on for 8 years.
  9. stevehoos

    Please Buff Archers - An In Depth Analysis

    Uh........ Archers are roasting other units in this game.
  10. stevehoos

    When Do My Kids Grow Up?

    when they fix this.
  11. stevehoos

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    No to get too of topic here, but that free thing truly shocked me.
  12. stevehoos

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    Troy Total War looks like the worst Total War game in history.
  13. stevehoos

    Love and Marriage: A Humane Approach

    LOL...:iamamoron::iamamoron: who are you? Let me get a critical success 50% chancee...
  14. stevehoos

    TW might want to change the wording of their Steam store page

    It's gonna be in development (EA) for longer than 1 year. I think we all know this now.
  15. stevehoos

    Love and Marriage: A Humane Approach

    Anything is an upgrade to what we have. It's not just a content issue either, the whole idea is remarkably bland.
  16. stevehoos

    Your Bannerlord ea play-time?

    193 hours. Just not interested in playing right now. Got bored of the early game and easy smithy money.
  17. stevehoos

    I'm sorry but I finally give up, what the hell are TW doing? Nothing new in 3 weeks. Whoever is managing this team needs the boot.

    You have companions. It can take awhile to figure out what items you want to put in a design too. You'd be twiddling your thumbs a lot.
  18. stevehoos

    Recommended Mods for Thorough Playthru?

    You will need to re download it and it has to be updated if the patch conflicts with its files. It's a pain.
  19. stevehoos

    Who Done It?

    There's a lot of pretending going on with this game.