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  1. tom54p

    Crucial Mechanic to deal with block delay!

    You're really not worth my time champ so i'm not going to bother answering you again👍👍
  2. tom54p

    Crucial Mechanic to deal with block delay!

    You can't do any of this in bannerlord for 2 main reasons : 1)You would just get kicked /slashed to death(or i guess shield bashed lol) 2)You are almost unable to attack back in those situations 1v1 duels are such a small part of the game. On all other modes players will face situations where...
  3. tom54p

    [NABB] Fantasy Team Mini-Game

  4. tom54p

    [NABB] Fantasy Team Mini-Game

    One of my players isn't playing at all, allow me to replace him por favor i have eu privilege💵💵💵 Relexan kills are missing
  5. tom54p

    [NABB] Fantasy Team Mini-Game

    Nice work
  6. tom54p

    Everything wrong about bumping

    The difference is that getting shot or hit once(even twice) by a teammate doesn't usually get you killed since there is also reduced damage, while getting knockdown in a fight usually results in your death. You see, it may result in less presence of cavs during groupfights in a competitive...
  7. tom54p

    Everything wrong about bumping

    So, Infatries in a fight already have so much pressure on them since : they need to know where enemy archers are, they need to fight against enemy infantries and have to always look out for enemy cavs.Now you also want them to keep an eye on friendly cavs? The idea of friendly cav bumps will...
  8. tom54p

    [NABB] Fantasy Team Mini-Game

    Team : The Good, the Bad and the Ugly 1. Alejandro 4k 2. Beeflip 5k 3. Relexan 2k 4. Pacemaker 3k 5. Child 3k 6. Mihawk 4k 7. Yoshie 5k 8. Percival 4k
  9. tom54p

    In Progress Dropped weapons disappear

    Ye please fix this, it's really annoying:cautious::cautious::cautious:
  10. tom54p

    My Opinion on 1.41 (Skrimish aka Competitive)

    I'm not sure if you're sarcastic tbh, i really hope you are. How is a map glitch not worth fixing? It shouldn't take too long as far as i know and it would at least avoid people glitching to get advantages they shouldn't get. Wait for full release? Are we supposed to play on 3 broken ****ty maps...
  11. tom54p

    [W6C] Warband 6-aSide Cup Sign-Up Thread [Groups Announced]

    You have no clue what you're talking about on this one though. All 3 of them had to download MOSS and periodically provide us the file of whatever matches we asked for, failing to do so would have resulted in keeping the ban. So yeah, surpise... I mean i totally get your point Fietta, don't have...
  12. tom54p

    PSA Taleworlds are hosting a community event with the mount & blade subreddit

    Tork instead of writing nonsense when is your ft7 with ogl?? Think we were promised this epic challgenge but haven't read any news on it so far.
  13. tom54p

    Player Opinion Polls Concerning Multiplayer Balance

    Nice thread! Just voted. I agree. I think the battanian wildling is quite balanced as a class because they can have more javelins but they don't have much armor(resulting in them being not as tough in melee). On the other hand i feel that the Oathsworn misses something. It has good armor but...
  14. tom54p

    [IR] Irish Rebels

    Good luck!🍺
  15. tom54p

    taleworlds does not care about the experienced players multiplayer scene

    Everyone is giving you valid points but you don't seem to care.
  16. tom54p

    I am repulsively disappointed in MP, Taleworlds.

    Who's being unreasonable? You can express your own opinion, but saying that all this effort (put by people who likely understand the game and its mechanics way more than you do)should be made shut up shows your true nature and ignorance. People are free to express their own opinions as you are...
  17. tom54p

    Warband Servers Down?

    40 min waiting already
  18. tom54p

    [DoF] Defenders of Faith [International]

    This is who We are. This is what We stand for. We are The Defenders of Faith!