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  1. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    I could install it, but when I tried opening it, I received a message saying, "Path cannot be found. Error opening the Map Editor"(Something along those lines).  :(
  2. Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Hello, I have recently taken interest in modding M&B - Fire and Sword, and I was planning to edit my world map. I tried using Thorgrim's Map Editor, and it seems my computer is not compatible with the software. I have Windows 7; however, I could not activate the map editor. I was wondering, if...
  3. Warband or Fire and sword.

    I found the exact, same set for 8.99 in GameStop.
  4. Strategy

    When I'm outnumbered, for instance, 15 against 180, what I do is I wait until all of my enemies arrive at my end(End where troops cannot further move or advance -- Retreat line), and once they try to advance forward but is blocked, facing their back, I slash them. Usually, I'm the only soldier...
  5. List of mods for With fire and sword. (Last updated 31/5/12)-Updated

    If I can find tutorial for F&S, I'll definitely try.
  6. Do YOU want to make your own mod? Look here. (Outdated)

    I just want to say this modding tutorial is greatly appreciated, but would this tutorial also apply to F&S?
  7. How do you have a child in warband?

    In that case, I wish there were a mod, where we can "switch characters". For instance, if you are a King or a Queen, you would want to play as not only the King, but also the heir, who will be the King, once the King passes away, and so on.
  8. Muscovite rebellion on the fritz...

    No. Because once you'll only become Tsar, if you overthrow them. In other words, they will have to "disappear" for you to be Tsar. If you wish to have them in-game, you'd need to keep them as Tsar.(In case Stepan Razin becomes Tsar, Tsar Mikhailovich has to disappear, if you know what I mean.)
  9. [SO] Soldiers Of Olympos

    How do I join this clan?
  10. The Pirate Bros (NA WFaS Clan)

    I wanted to join your clan, but I don't know why I got banned. I don't have a mic, so I sent you a private message. I joined ventrilo, because I wanted to join this clan. Will you at least unban me? Thanks.
  11. Muscovite rebellion on the fritz...

    You will become the Tsar. Basically, what you can do is to convince the Lords with the letter, and they will join you on the rebellion, instead of Stepan Razin. In other words, you're basically rebelling against the Tsar and Stepan Razin. Also, if you have the chance, capture the Tsar and Stepan...
  12. European WFAS Duel tournament n°1

    I'd like to join a clan, so that I can participate in this European Tournament.
  13. Useful tips to players

    I'm in Tsar Secrets and I was asked to find my own patrons ,but then I failed, so quest told me to follow Stepan Razin. Is there still a chance for me to claim the throne, even if I follow Stepan Razin?
  14. List of mods for With fire and sword. (Last updated 31/5/12)-Updated

    Can anyone make mods for Asia, Africa, Australia --> continents other than Europe?
  15. Screenshots

    How can you guys support so many soldiers in-game? How fast are your computer to allow you to do that?
  16. Any new patch for fire and sword?

    Just a note: When I visit a town or village, my companions follow me, but whenever I speak to one of them, their dialogues appear as, "Surrender or Die." I think there's a mistake with the dialogues there. Can anyone fix that, please?
  17. Muscovy storyline - Vilna priest help

    You talk to the guy who talked to you about the priest first, then he'll tell you where Gerasim is, and you go to the town where Gerasim is settled. I think the town's called Tambov. Long ways from Vilna.
  18. Alevtina-Hanum quest problem

    Okay. Once you're at Kafa(or Caffa, as it was shown in my game), there should be an additional option that says, "Talk to a Slave Driver", or something similar to that. Talk to him, and he'll give you more information on her.
  19. Stepan Razin

    Try entering the Voronezh palace. He should be beside Naum Vasiliev.