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    Say Cheese v2

    No, lol. That was months ago but Hinds just made a really nice gif of it. Thanks for your concern, though. EDIT: I guess this is good a time as any to shill my YouTube channel that chronicles my descent into drug goblin
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    Free Games - Recomendations and updates galore I was literally give a beta key the second I followed them on Twitter so I assume it'll work for everyone until they run out of keys, if anyone else is interested in this game.
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    2016 U.S. Presidential Elections: The Circus Is In Full Swing

    I don't know the letter of the law concerning medical checkups to be President, but I know Trump has his own personal doctor come out and say he's "incredibly healthy, astoundingly so for his age, and, in fact, more healthy than most younger people" every time too many people start wondering out...
  4. TheFlyingFishey

    Can my brother impregnate Me?

    **** all you sons of *****es how dare you how ****ING dare you my sister is a ***** and not even that hot I would never **** her and I only tried to get with my cousin once before my mom told me she was my cousin and then I stopped so you can heck right the **** off you little **** *****es I'm...
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    Your birthday :D

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    Say Cheese v2

    She has the comfiest bed in the house, so you bet your best pair of socks I spend a lot of time in there.
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    What pissed you off today? v. VI

    I think a lot of it is the simple fact that we have made such strides in just 100 years. When my dad was a kid he shot squirrels to supplement dinner (and also because he likes hunting) and when my grandma was a kid they didn't have indoor plumbing and making a phone call was still border-line...
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    Say Cheese v2

    Good, it was in her room.
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    Armenian Genocide (?)

    Shut up. A bunch of Western nations recently adopted such stances because Erdogan is being a scum**** and using your country's geographic position to threaten other countries with refugee floods and suck up to Russia. No one mentioned it before for the same reason no one mentions their drunk...
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    What made you happy today?

    ding dong
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    Upcoming games you nitpicky ****bags look forward to ***** about in the future. I'M GONNA COOM If you haven't played Always Sometimes Monsters, I recommend it fully and without reservation. This sequel lets you import saves and it's amazing and I am momentarily happy.
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    Say Cheese v2

    You'll pay for all this one day, Coley.
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    Say Cheese v2

    Hey, I'm just a Pall Mall feller.
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    Say Cheese v2

    Holy smokes this forum update is convoluted wank. I've been trying to wrestle with the ****ing thing for 10 minutes and it still ain't like it ought to be. Here, this is the picture I wanted to post but I can't be ****ed to spend another second trying to insert a spoilered image with a caption...
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    ? Red Dead Redemption 2 PC

    Hal, if you don't start being nice I'm going to have to discipline you.
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