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  1. TheFlyingFishey

    Laptop Plugged in, Not Charging

    So, a while back my old laptop started getting this. Got a new cord and took it in to the shop a few times. It would work for a few weeks then get the "Plugged in, not charging" error again. Eventually it just refused to turn on at all. Now I've got a brand spanking new $800 laptop that I've had...
  2. TheFlyingFishey

    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUND: The Revenge of the Conceited Capslock.

    People were talking about Battleground in the screenshot thread and organizing a TW goon squad. I play this game far too much and am always looking for people, so if anyone wants to try and get a game going sometimes just post a preferred time and date here. Also, talk about the game and...
  3. TheFlyingFishey

    Let's Watch2Gether

    I spend a lot of time just watching YouTube's and other sites' videos. A couple of weeks ago I spent a whole night just binge watching Historia Civilis videos with a friend of mine,  and it was really enjoyable, so I figured I'd create a permanent room that we can all use. It's drop in and drop...
  4. TheFlyingFishey

    Foxhole- Running With Rifles, But For People Without Jobs.

    It's a persistent world game where you work with a large group of friendly players dispersed across a massive map to capture towns and various points of strategic value. Don't expect to conquer the map in an hour. It's very much a game where you log in for a few hours and hope that the five guys...
  5. TheFlyingFishey

    The Fishadventures of An Internet Alpha Male

    I like to write, and I like to play vidya. Often these two come together. So I'll start posting my AAAAARs (Triple A After Action Reports, because mine are better than the others) in this thread from now on, when I write them.
  6. TheFlyingFishey


    Surprised I didn't find a thread already. It's a free political sim MMO you play in your browser. Just made my nation, The Armed Republic of The Grand Resurgent Confederacy. Currency is the Cotton-Dollar, flag is Serbian, the national animal is the raccoon, and the motto is "From Tyrants By...
  7. TheFlyingFishey

    Attack on Titan Game (Not the Flash One) So I just saw this on Steam. Actually seems pretty neat, and it has coop. Anyone tried it?
  8. TheFlyingFishey

    What made you hyped today?

    I spent a bit thinking about which thread to put this in, but I figured that a thread with this objective would see enough use to justify itself. The mods can correct me if I'm wrong by locking it, but I'll hate them forever and call them names behind their backs...
  9. TheFlyingFishey

    Dead by Daylight Beta just came online. You need to sign up, then get three people to click your link, after which all four of you get a key. Just did it with my friends, and thought you all could use this thread to get each other keys. It's a survival-horror coop game, where...
  10. TheFlyingFishey

    The Culling Brother signed us up for the alpha of this, and I've played it for one round plus the tutorials. Essentially seems to be a cash in on the Twitch fame of H1Z1's Battle Royal mode, except more refined and with the sole focus being on a Hunger Games style...
  11. TheFlyingFishey

    XCOM 2/ The Plebby Reboots Combo Thread.

    I searched back in time until I found the thread for the actual original XCOMs, and searching the board in general turned up nothing of the newer ones, so I made this thread, due to the new one coming out in a few days and all. Looks really nice, and am...
  12. TheFlyingFishey

    Sketch Toy

    I thought there was a thread, but searching "Sketch" in the forum search bar brought nothing up, so here it is. Unless someone says some smartass comment and links the other thread that I think exists somewhere. In which case, use it.
  13. TheFlyingFishey

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes This just appeared on Steam, and it looks like it could be a hoot and a half. It's pretty bare bones from what I can glean, but that's its intent. You play with a group of friends. One of you spawns in a room with a ticking bomb, the others spawn in...
  14. TheFlyingFishey

    Farcry: Primal: Hairy Men Fighting Hairy Beasts, a Hairy Situation

    Ubisoft is live-streaming a vague, sort of creepy loop of what is presumably a new franchise. It consists of ominous music and muttering and animated early-Man cave paintings of violent scenes and panicked incomprehensible shouts. If this turns out to be some kind of caveman Farcry-ish or...
  15. TheFlyingFishey

    lel 1st n3rds

    But, no really, this interests me. What recording software should I spring for if I do decide to become YouTube famous? Just Fraps? Is there any good free one? Are Twitch and YouTube the only sites I should bother with? Or are there better ones? If anyone starts a channel, I could play MP games...
  16. TheFlyingFishey

    Flag Discussion

    Fishbook Is this even real ****ing life?
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    CHOICE OF Games

    So, I've mentioned a game called "Alter Ego" before. It's more or less a very, very in depth text based life simulator. I was just sitting around on my laptop tonight, and decided I'd play it again after not having done so in a good while. Since last time I played, they appear to have branched...
  18. TheFlyingFishey

    Task Manager Won't Open

    So, for as long as I can remember on this PC the Task Manager hasn't opened. When I control-alt-delete, it takes me straight to the processes tab with no way to select any other tab. I didn't mind it that much up until a few minutes ago when I accidentally ended my taskbar process and had to...
  19. TheFlyingFishey

    Pitch Black Sky

    Ever since Viking Conquest came out, along with its patches every 20-50ish times I return to the world map from somewhere else, the sky is pitch black. It does this across different mods, and only started in my current Floris campaign when the aforementioned patches hit, and the campaign was...
  20. TheFlyingFishey

    Computer Keeps Powering Off

    My computer keeps randomly shutting off, and, while a big annoyance, especially in the middle of competitive games, I'm afraid something serious is wrong with it. It doesn't close all my open applications then slowly turn off like I've clicked "Shutdown," but it instantly turns completely off...