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  1. Silberfalke

    Perisno Sub-Forum Rules. Please Read!

    These rules apply to our sub-forum, the Perisno board. They are exclusively meant as an extension to Taleworlds Board Rules and do not supercede those. They apply to members of the Perisno team, as well as to all other participants equally.
  2. Silberfalke

    Perisno Perisno Perisno Mod Bug Reports Smth

    ONLY BUGS FOR THE LATEST VERSION! Thanks in advance for all the help! :smile: NEW For Version 0.8+ Not being able to recruit from the Realm Of The Falcon?,325551.msg8639636.html#msg8639636 Player Faction Scout Spawning Fix...
  3. Silberfalke

    [Poll] Redwood stats

    How do you see Redwood (archery) stats?
  4. Silberfalke

    [Feature Request] 15 Minutes of Glory - Post your Battlevid

    Hi folks! :D For the rework of our ModDB page we need a Battlevid! In this totally undemocratic and entirely biased contest, you can post your battlevid in here... Conditions: -YouTube links only -Victory must be achieved at the end of it -15 minutes max As said above don't be sad if yours...
  5. Silberfalke

    [Screenshot Request] Noble Troops of all Kingdoms

    This is a possibility for all that are willing to help us a bit... Please post screenshots in here of the different noble troops which will then be used to complete the new trooptrees that hopefully will be used once in the future ingame. Both tiers would be very appreciated... Note: Only...
  6. Silberfalke

    Credits and Contributions...a big Thanks! to all who helped

    Here, everything and everyone can be found, that helped us, the Perisno Team and you, the players with his/her contributions... The Perisno Team says "Thank You!"                
  7. Silberfalke

    Most Helpful Comment Award

    In this thread you can post what in your opinion was the most helpful comment you've ever seen in the Perisno threads... To get it into the poll, you need at least two supporters. Quote one question and the appropriate answer and post it here. No quoting pyramids! Further requirements: You have...
  8. Silberfalke

    Fragen Aus Dem Drachenreich - Fragen Auf Deutsch

    Hallo Leute! Dieses Sub-Topic wurde erstellt, weil ich mir vorstellen kann, daß mit wachsendem Interesse an Perisno hier auch Leute aufschlagen, die Fragen haben, welche sie auf Deutsch besser und präziser stellen können, als auf Englisch. Die kämen dann hier rein. Leider ist auch mein Wissen...