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  1. Maximus183

    Increasing amount of parties

    Searched and I couldn't find anything specific. So what I was wondering is how you would increase the amount of a certain party that spawns.
  2. Maximus183

    WinRar for windows 7

    Anybody know where to get it?
  3. Maximus183

    [Suggestion/Improvement] Animations

    There's some minor issues with it. If you would compare the regular fighting/animations in 1.011 and Warband (so far), there are some differences. For instance, in 1.011 the fighting was quick, smooth and controlled. If you wanted to cancel an attack by blocking it worked. I'm not seeing the...
  4. Maximus183

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, DirectX Error

    "DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error. Check readme for possible sulotions" Huh? :| Help would be appreciated.
  5. Maximus183

    Virus! Virus everyone! The virus is spreading!

    Yeah it is. Via steam. If someone in your friends list comes up all retarded saying: "You have been invited to get free steam games bla bla" and posts a link, don't click it, they've been hacked. The link takes you to a website that looks just like steam community but if you log in, your...
  6. Maximus183

    The Twitt Thread!

    Post whatever the hell you are doing at the moment, just for the sake of doing something :) I'll go first then. Reading through ban disputes on a game forum and most of them are using ridiculous excuses like, "It was my brother that TK'ed them!" :P
  7. Maximus183

    29th Infantry Division

    Realistic, team-based gameplay is what the 29th Infantry Division is all about. 29th Infantry Division To summarize the 29th: The 29th is a Realism Unit based off the mod "Darkest Hour" for Red Orchestra. The 29th features the real ranks of the US army at the time of WWII. And rising through...
  8. Maximus183

    [Suggestion] Turn the glow down a notch

    It get's a little much at times:
  9. Maximus183

    What disturbed you today?

    What disturbed you today? Easy enough to understand. Note that this is not for things that actually pissed you off, more like something that made you go: "wtf?" or "That's weird" So I'll go first. Yesterday, a hot girl in my class said she had a dream about me. "Really, what happened?" "Well...
  10. Maximus183

    Avatar Christmas Makeover!

    I challange all you photoshoppers out there to make my avatar the most Christmassy thing in this forum. The name of the first five entries will be put in a poll. Please don't post something unless you wish to contribute. Let the game begin! ENTRIES Taimat396 EvolutiveBrain Colonel_Ryan
  11. Maximus183

    Pause Menu

    It might seem like a little thing, but I really think that the option to exit the game needs to be accessable AT ALL TIMES. When you are in a battle that can get frustrating at times, especially when you are near enemies and cant even retreat.
  12. Maximus183

    Click Game

    Who has the craziest fingers? I challange you all! My score is 82
  13. Maximus183

    Games for Mac

    Anyone know of any good ones? Just hit me up with anything you've got ;)
  14. Maximus183

    Combined Animations

    Is there a way to make a sword, for example, use both 1 handed and 2 handed animations? Preferably using the Item Editor
  15. Maximus183


    All right. I was linked to this fix by another member(can't remember which). It eliminates all the random CTD's on the random maps. I will go through the steps as detailed as I can. 1. Install Mount & Blade Warband Beta 2. (OPTIONAL. If you don't care, move on to step 3) Create an online...
  16. Maximus183


    I get frequent CTD's in form of RGL errors when I play. After about 5-10 minutes the game just randomly crashes. Usually with this following error: RGL ERROR failed is_valid_index(i) (i=216); hint_number = 0 Any got any clues on how to fix it?
  17. Maximus183

    Guess the Quote

    All right. I figured I'd start this topic to give Hegemony fans something to do together and make some bonds. Spawn of Achilles came up with the idea, so kudos to him(sorry if I got ahead of you, SoA). It works as follows: Post a quote from a movie. Others will then guess from which movie and...
  18. Maximus183

    268 B.C

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use the Animations Compilation for the .960 version of 268 B.C?
  19. Maximus183

    Hegemony Screenshots thread

    Post any of your Hegemony screenshots here ;) Timeless Kingdoms, Barbarian Invasion and Hegemony 1.96, all of it. It ought to ease the wait for 268 B.C for 1.011  :)