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  1. Mercenary88

    Problems with companion stability.

    I am a Warband veteran and I'm fully aware of the mechanics revolving around companions. But I am having problems with my companions in this case. I have had already 3 companions that have left be, and the persistent problem is one of the three categories they evaluate in; general choice of...
  2. Mercenary88

    Long barreled pistol in SP

    Simple question: Has anybody seen the "long barreled pistol" in SP? It's available in multiplayer but I've yet to see in in SP, I'm beginnig to think it doesn't exist in SP. If anybody has seen it let me know please :).
  3. Mercenary88

    Concerning a broken quest (no spoilers here)

    I am trying to complete what should be a mundane quest given by a town mayor, but I am having problems finishing the quest. The quest log titles the quest "Deal with the Looters", and the outline that it gives  is very vague, definitely not outlining the amount of looters or bands of looters...
  4. Mercenary88

    Help Retrieving Warband :)

    Alright so I recently formated my pc and lost everything. I am trying to get my games up and runnign again. I bought Warband through the taleworlds site. Is there anyway i can prove my purchase through my credit card or regain my serial key in any way? Any help is appreciated. ~Alek
  5. Mercenary88

    Problem with the claimant quest.

    After about 200 game days of first trading and later being a mercenary for the Nords, I decided my companions and I had become strong enough to take on something bigger. I decided to join Lady Isolla of Suno in her quest to dethrone Harlus the tyrant  :wink: I figured later down the road I was...
  6. Mercenary88


    I am currently about 100 days into my campaign and I finally feel confident in my party, my companion skills, and my strength. I want to start as an autonomous warlord, I don't care to be anybody's vassal and find all the inner politics annoying. I was wondering if anybody has chosen to do the...
  7. Mercenary88

    Tundra Bandit Lair

    So far I've successfully destroyed forest bandit lairs and sea raider landings, they were a challenge early game but once I got better troops and improved my equipment as well as get the hang of them I was able to get through them fine. My strategy so far had been to assault with the allowed...
  8. Mercenary88

    This is why I love this game:

    So I'm minding my own business strolling around when I come across a city that is currently hosting a tournament. Great! (or so I thought). It just so happened that the Nord martial had gathered everyone at Sargoth at the same time: What did this mean? Everyone joined the party: List of...
  9. Mercenary88

    Where is the love?

    Since the release there has been an explosion of posts in here, to the point where the server has been overwhelmed at times. Understandable of course ;); However the dominant theme is of complaints about the new features and changes. I’m going to reach out to everyone and advice that  you wait a...
  10. Mercenary88

    24hrs into the Game. A few observations and questions...

    I've played M&B for a long time now and tried almost every m*o*d out there. So far I am loving W4rband S1ngle Pl4ayer. I'm only about 30 days into the game, I've done a tour of the map, getting to know the new cities and all the amazing village designs. I now have my small party of chosen...
  11. Mercenary88

    Purchased warband from Taleworlds, bug need help :)

    I started a SP campaign jsut minutes ago. As soon as I was in the world map I tried pressing escape and this is the result: Without the Esc menu I can't do anything in the game, if anybody knows anything I would really be grateful for...
  12. Mercenary88

    Crash Bug

    I get a reoccurring bug, I can't isolate the source. It happens while in multiplayer or in quick battles. It is quite frustrating this crash happens often and at random times. The error reads as follows: Window title: RGL Error failed is_valid_index(i) (1+72); hint_number = 0 ~Merc88
  13. Mercenary88

    Maxed Server

    Who else has stalked the only US server (capped at 20) since the last patch, hoping one person will disconnect giving you a chance to play. I have checked it all afternoon, sometimes staying there for 20 minutes refreshing :P  gogogo servers :)
  14. Mercenary88

    Stun Factor

    Hello everyone, I'm from the new wave of testers (2 days ago). I've been playing lots so far and I just downloaded the last patch . The only US server up is full so I decide to play some quick battles. While fighting I noticed an interesting log message that kept coming up: stun factor x (it...
  15. Mercenary88

    troop editor

    I am not sure if this question belongs in the forge, but I can't seem to find the troop editor. Does anybody know about thread that describes it (how to use) and has a download link?
  16. Mercenary88

    Morale System

    In the last ss of the official ss thread there is a picture of a mounted swordsman and a log message saying something along the lines of: You have killed 8 soldiers, your bravery inspires your troops... I think this type of morale system has been implemented on other mods but I have not seen...
  17. Mercenary88


    1. I have gotten the "train 6 troops to x tier" from a Rhodok lord. He asked me to raise 6 skirmishers, however the troop tree goes as follows: tibresman-->archer-->trained archer-->noble What am I missing? 2. Why are all the Rhodok lord wearing rags/poor clothing?
  18. Mercenary88

    About Horses

    1. Dismount Has anybody ever thought about what it would be like if it were possible to dismount at a speed faster than 0? It would not make sense at full speed but at half speeds or slower it would add a lot to the game-play. There are many situations in which its is useful to dismount quickly...
  19. Mercenary88


    Moved to the Privy council. Thanks for the heads up :D
  20. Mercenary88

    Native American Tribes?

    Are there any mods out there that include any North American Native cultures. Perhaps even a factions or specific troop tree. Maybe even just some weapons or armor?