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  1. Syrdar

    Concurso del Tagline de la boxed versión

    Gente, Armagan posteo un concurso en el que se pueden sugerir los taglines de la versión en caja de M&B:,42278.0.html Según lo que cuenta al ganador le van a enviar un juego original. PD: Parece que el concurso termina mañana.
  2. Syrdar

    Curaw Siege

    When I try to take Curaw assaulting it I only have 5 troops (and they are slaughtered pretty quickly). I took 3 castles and I had like 20 troops to assult the walls. Anyone else had this problem? Thanks in advance.
  3. Syrdar

    GUI Improvements

    I have been purchased the game a couple of days ago and I have the following suggestions: Character creation: 1) Add a "-" button on the side of the "+" button on each attibute/ability to rollback if you made an error when you create/raise a level. 2) highlight the attibute name when you put...