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  1. Rubberbanding in multiplayer

    disregard the frame rate it's just the recording. so for some reason i rubberband when i play multiplayer, i tried multiplayer on another computer and it never rubberbands. I also know it's not the componenets inside my computer because i just built a new computer. Any help is appreciate...
  2. Warband Battle Size Changer v1.5

    This does not work for me :( when i press the battlesizer it says rgl_config.txt could not be located. i ran warband already so i don't know what is wrong
  3. If you have Performance Issues, Crash and RUNTIME ERRORs Look here

    when i enter combat i get a runtime error. Here is my rgl config first_time = 0 texture_detail = 100 render_buffer_size = 15 max_framerate = 500 start_windowed = 1 use_pixel_shaders = 1 use_vertex_shaders = 1 fake_reflections = 0 show_framerate = 1 use_ondemand_textures = 1...