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  1. vladimir

    could someone suggest something for me?

    I like to play mods, and I like to have a purist army (all troops of the same kind) and I prefer to have an army of rangers since I, myself use a bow rather than a sword. I played prophecy of pendor and liked the noldor ranger thing where they're super-elite but I've beat that mod and was...
  2. vladimir

    importing a weapon into game

    i have modeled a large hammer based off the gadder hammer in runescape and would like to put it into my game and was wondering how i could do that...
  3. vladimir


    In all the markets if you sell/buy something and come back next game day the shop has restocked and gotten rid of what you sold...but quigfen doesnt do that...i waited a whole game week to see if it just took longer than usual shops and he still had my gear and was missing the gear i had...
  4. vladimir


    is there an easy way to find these heroes? i already have a relation of 100 with the noldor but i havent gotten a single qualis gem (dragon tear) to open the stupid noldor shop and if there isnt an easy way is there at least a small circle that they hang out in? or is it 100% random? please help...
  5. vladimir


    I lost my serial key and followed the instructions on the locked post the admin made but when my serial key came in the email it was two characters short and it won't let me activate...please help me im really frustrated right now
  6. vladimir

    I NEED HELP.....

    I used to play M&B a lot in 2008...i payed for the extended use thingy...and i have a new computer and i havent been on since i was wondering what i can do about the serial key...lemme know if theres any way i won't have to pay for it again...thank you very much & have a nice day
  7. vladimir

    visit my site!!

    visit me please... <link removed>
  8. vladimir

    pics/ files

    Put pics of your best/ favorite weapons or armors u have made. and if you have completely given up on something don't delete it, give it to another modder thank you for posts, and oubliette I loove your c bow pistol!!
  9. vladimir

    help the modding teams

    Hello everyone, I would like a thread where all the modding teams may ask for help. Also, the people looking to join a team may find one that may need help. (personally I am one of the ones looking for a team.) THESE ARE MY RULES: 1. NOspamming, please use pming to tell someone you would like...
  10. vladimir

    post favorite version DL's and Mod DL's here!!!

    Post download links to your favorite mods and versions here!! You may ask, "why should i do this?  :roll: ", well, you should do it so people who dont have them yet can download them. :D DUH!! :lol: