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  1. Thor Head

    Incredible performance with this mod.

    Most mods I have a noticeably choppy framerate when I go over about 350-400 man battles.  In Perisno, I can run 700 man battles very smoothly.  I don't know why, but it is amazing.  Thanks!
  2. Thor Head

    Clickbait site stealing Ganbat's Warband art!

    Here is the URL of the clickbait article itself.
  3. Thor Head

    Need help finding an old WB mod. Island with several primitive tribes.

    This mod is quite old!  It came out a few years after Warband was released.  It's at least 6 or 7 years old.  It was about this island that was the home of several tribes.  One was very primitive, one was a little more advanced, one faction was sort of a Colonial Spanish type civilization. ...
  4. Thor Head

    Not much going on in this mod.

    I chose the regular non-king start and at day 25  all I've been doing is fighting a couple of looter bands and collecting companions.  I've been to every country except Khergit and Sarranid lands and the only wandering parties I find aside from looters are huge invading hordes I would stand no...
  5. Thor Head

    Question for real M&B old-timers about a mod

    Does anyone remember an old M&B mod that featured an invading horde of warriors with bear head helmets, like the neanderthals in 13th Warrior?  I remember seeing some great screenshots but before I downloaded it I got distracted by something else.  This would have been maybe 5-10 years ago.  I...
  6. Thor Head

    v1.3 Mission to Slaughter Heretics.

    Back in 1.3 I recall getting a mission to slaughter a town full of heretics.  I don't think it was the Cathars, but some other sect.  Is this mission still in 5.0 and if so, who gives it out?  I am playing an evil character inspired by Vlad the Impaler and I would like him to do this mission.
  7. Thor Head

    I'm trapped on Mithridia

    Ok, I was starting out and I joined the Crusader Army of a Swadian Lord as a foot-soldier.  We went to the Holy Land and the entire crusade was crushed at Hierosolyma.  After this debacle, my Lord was bringing us survivors home to Swadia by ship when our force was overwhelmed by several...
  8. Thor Head

    Is it true that the latest version of WB is compatible with all previous mods?

    I haven't been playing WB for several months so I am out of the loop.  The most recent version on my PC is 1170.  Somebody told me that the latest version is compatible with all the mods from all the earlier versions.  Is that true?  I have about 5 different installs of WB on my PC so I can play...
  9. Thor Head

    What is wrong with ModDB?

    I downloaded some Warband mods from ModDB last night and my computer warned me that it was unsafe.  That never happened before.  I always download from ModDB with no problems so I went ahead and downloaded the mods anyway and today my system scan shows 42 threats!  I never had any problem with...
  10. Thor Head

    Great New Mod for M&B 1.011 at M&B Nexus - Hyborian Age of Conan

    I didn't have anything to do with creating this mod, but I was playing M&B 1.011 the other day for 1866 and I decided to see if there were any other mods I hadn't tried out.  I found this one and it is really great!  It's based on the Hyborian Age created by Robert E. Howard for his Conan...
  11. Thor Head

    Anyone know anything about this mod on ModDB?

    Brave New World. It's a steampunk Victorian global adventure based off Yifeng's 16th Century mod and it looks awesome.  A month ago the guy posted that it was almost ready for release, but no news since.  I can't wait.  I hope nothing bad...
  12. Thor Head

    Has anyone found a way to get unlimited corpses back for recent versions?

    I miss all the carnage.  Since WSE doesn't work for recent versions is there any other way to get unlimited corpses back?
  13. Thor Head

    Has the locked mead hall and feast problem with WSE been fixed yet?

    I just started playing Brytenwalda again and I remembered that I can't get into the mead halls and feasts when I am using WSE.  The doors are locked.  I love using WSE for the unlimited corpses, but I can't have a very good Brytenwalda experience if I can't get into any mead halls and feasts. ...
  14. Thor Head

    Are there any fantasy barbarian style mods?

    I would like to play a mod for either WB or M&B that is based in a Barbarian Sword & Sorcery style world (magic not necessary) with this kind of look:  Not much armor, & fantasy savage look to everything.  Are there any mods like this?  I know a couple of mods like TLD have factions...
  15. Thor Head

    Any reason why the M&B Unofficial Troop Editor is not working on a 1.011 mod?

    I wanted to change the equipment for a few of the troops in the old Red Planet Calradia X mod for 1.011.  I have used the troop editor before successfully on a couple of M&B and Warband mods.  I deleted what I did not want and added the equipment I wanted, updated, saved.  I opened M&B and...
  16. Thor Head

    Where are the CD Keys located in the game files?

    I lost my paper with my CD Keys for M&B and Warband and I want to write them down again.  I seem to recall reading that they can be found in one of the files in the game folder.  Where exactly are the keys?  Please note that I am NOT asking for illegal keys.  I just want to find and record my...
  17. Thor Head

    Anyone else having problems with Mount & Blade Nexus downloads?

    For about 2 weeks I have been unable to successfully download anything from the M&B Nexus.  It shows that zero people are using the service, and the file downloads for about 5 minutes, then stops incomplete.  Anyone know what's wrong?
  18. Thor Head

    Someone is using Taleworlds art for their Kindle book cover on
  19. Thor Head

    Romainnoir's graphic improvements for 1866

    Does anyone still have these files?  He posted them last year on megaupload, and as we know, they are not around anymore.  It looks really beautiful.  Back then, I was afraid my computer could not handle it so I never downloaded it.  I'd love to try it out now. Romainnoir does not have them...
  20. Thor Head

    OLD TOYS!!!! Off Topic question for Gabrilduro

    Hi Gab. I just wanted to thank you for all your work on your fine mods.  I am a family guy around your age (and also part Italian!) and I understand completely how hard it is to get time for stuff like this.  I am in awe of what you have contributed to us. I wanted to ask you if you played...