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  1. metafa

    VOTE on drop-in battles like in Total War.

    Yea sorry you'll have to click again, I made the thread in the suggestions forum:
  2. metafa

    BL Coding How to extend Behaviours?

    Obviously extending MBSubModuleBase is easy to do and gets recognized easily. On the other hand extending CampaignBehaviorBase doesn't seem to be that straight forward, my methods overriding any functions there don't get called, but I do see people doing it. Is there something obvious I miss...
  3. metafa

    Unsolved [e1.1.0] Trade rumors you hear not showing up in trading screen?

    I don't know whether it is a bug. I started a new game, spawned in a city and spoke to a villager and he told me a trade rumor, then I went to trading screen of that city and did not see the rumor on the particular item he mentioned. Is it supposed to be like that because I didn't have the...
  4. metafa

    VOTE: Drop-in battles PLUS choice whether to make that battle count for campaign

    To increase the amount of player interaction and overal increase the amount of fun+meaningfull battles there should be the possibility to have drop-in battles when you're facing someone in a campaign and afterwards the player who created the drop-in battle could be allowed to decide whether to...
  5. metafa

    [e1.0.10] Leaving clans - think I know why

    So this goes especially for mercenaries - whom I can say I have had a pretty good relationship with, I have the Forest People, Skolderbrotva and Ghilman. Let me first of all say how refreshing to have these mercenary troops in the game. I feel very immersed by this because they are basically...
  6. metafa

    Unsolved Mercenary Guards and Mercenary Crossbowmen getting put into wrong formation

    Mercenary Guards and Mercenary Crossbowmen (and possibly others, too) regularly and constantly get put in the wrong formation as infantry. As they use a crossbow I want them to be shooting with the archers of course.
  7. metafa

    Callum, will my children turn out ok? xD

    I married SOME chick of SOME clan. The world is really small. Give it to me straight Callum, will my children be ok?:LOL:
  8. metafa

    Son on other side of the map

    Why is my newborn son suddenly on the other side of the map where I haven't even anywhere near at? I gotta have a real serious word with my wife it seems.... Or is this a bug? Or did it happen when the party was captured or something?
  9. metafa

    Server-side mods and how clients use/sync with them

    We just talked about this in the other thread, but I will try to summarize the arguments, correct me if I'm wrong. So we all hope there will be dedicated community-run servers (and I cannot imagine there won't, let's assume there will be) which will open the door for server-side mods, which...
  10. metafa

    Reappearing bandit hideouts

    About an in-game week ago or so I cleared an incredibly hard bandit hideout, needed so much tactics and preparation, ect. Cleared around 30+ bandits there incredibly strong. I love it, it's fine. A nice challenge. But an in-game week later they are just back at the same place with the same...
  11. metafa

    Mission before Marriage?

    I want to court a lady which also gives a quest. What is the best order of doing it to speed up the courting? First complete her quest or first ask to suit her? Does it have any influence at all?
  12. metafa

    What to do with captured enemy lords?

    What is the best way to profit from captured enemy lords? I saw I can sell them into slavery which brings a sh*tload of money. Will it be bad for my reputation? Will they get back in their previous position? Can I kill them? Will releasing them give me relations with them in EA 1.0.2? Any...
  13. metafa

    Unsolved Companions consuming trade goods

    It's not a exactly a bug, but I think there should be a way to limit what your party can consume as food while on the go. I.e. mark some things as food explicitly. I just transported wine to sell in another city, when I arrived there I noticed the alcoholics in my party drank 30% of what I was...
  14. metafa

    Most up-to-date version atm?

    Hi! I am coming back to Gekokujo after a longer time of not even playing anything. My question is, what the is most recent, most bugless and close to vanilla download atm? I see Daimyo Edition. Gave it a spin yesterday, I like it, except for the permanent wounds effects (should be optional)...
  15. metafa


    In the feature list it states "-Companion system improved and remade" Last time I played I stopped because of the weird companions feature in this mod. They seem to be only teachers or trainers of some profession, they are assigned some religion, they are unvisible in the party and every city...
  16. metafa

    War Declaration Volatility

    So I am on 3.1. About the first thing I noticed in Gekokujo from the time I became a Mercenary for the Hojo is the volatility of war declarations  :D I later became a vassal and I saw the Hojo fighting simulatenously the Takeda, the Date and the Satake. They were REALLY hitting us hard, there...