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  1. mr.playa

    pls talewords .....

    the patch for the auto save problem is getting annoying on the PS4 both of my little brothers got addicted to your game and they are bugging me every day one has a corrupt autosave world with 2600 days and the other 1800 days both broken and my laptop about to be invaded  BY BOTH OF THEM to...
  2. mr.playa

    VC or brytenwalda

    which one is better i played both loved  them both but for me brytenwalda stilll has this solid taste the map is bigger so many factions and u can start with a small faction and unite the land VC is great and have so many great new features and the sea battles are better than brytenwalda...
  3. mr.playa

    rgl error

    hello guys i keep getting this random crash  it says rgl error incorrect skeleton type for anim 552 at creation its a great mod  but this crash keeps poping up at critical situations
  4. mr.playa

    Morrigan [spoiler]

    hello every one i got morrigan in my party after talking to her then surrvived the ambush at the farm and when i was on my way to kill the rich patron in his fort with his mom i got attacked by raiders and lost the battle  and morrigan was gone my other companions are all still with me...
  5. mr.playa

    joining the fleet

    hello every one i have reached the part where u join the fleet and the sea battle happens do i have to flee or there is a chance for victory and saving the commander ?
  6. mr.playa

    the formation in Brytenwalda

    hello every one i kinda need help in the formation area of this mod every thing is perfect put the AI formation in battle kinda made my battle a lot easier and am now in an advanced stage in my save got a city and 2 castles and need more challenge in battles so here is the problem the...
  7. mr.playa

    invaders of calardia

    hello every one big fan and long time floris player i recently got back to play warband and am looking for a new challenge i was wondering about the possibility of  adding and invasion script like the one'S in light and darkness and SoD mod to floris like a whole new faction JUST...
  8. mr.playa

    idea for the native

    in war band native with all the option you can make in it how about to be a village elder instead of being vassal  to a king or the guild master with alot of options defending farmers and etc and from there you can rise to be a vassal or the king him self that would be great i mean in the...
  9. mr.playa

    can i add music to the game ?

    can i ??? and pls tell me how
  10. mr.playa

    arabs will join

    where are the arab country we are a great fan in this game how can we get in to the champion
  11. mr.playa

    mods about lotr

    i tried the last days mod its nice put its nothing compared to the version 1.011 and the porting to that version still unknown so if there any other mod about  lotr  pls give me the links to it thanks
  12. mr.playa

    i got an idea i hope you will like it

    when you become a vessel fo a kingdom is it possible that you can repel on the kingdom king and take the thrown from him and crown your character as a king to this kingdom and to do such a repel you need to have high renown and good friend ship with alot of the vessels in the kingdom    so they...
  13. mr.playa

    Rise of Khergits

    he if this is Rise of Khergits II, where is the first one Rise of Khergits I
  14. mr.playa

    i need help with the quests

    hi this mod is great put am kind of lost as i know there are quest in the mod where can i find them can any body give me a guide for the quest in the mod the quest love letter where i can find this lady so i can give her the message the quest don t say where and i got a quest from sanjar...