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  1. Ben_SCN

    [WB] Warband Script Enhancer v4.7.7 for 1.174

    Hey ya'lll! I'm getting the following errors: Hope someone could shed some light
  2. Ben_SCN

    Why Do We All Have Fake Names?

    Good day lady and lords
  3. Ben_SCN

    Need More Info Can't save games

    I'm also having this issue.. Before the patches I used to be able to save my game but when I closed the game down and clicked "Resume" it crashes. Now I'm stuck with no save option at all and the crash reporter tool is still broken :cry:
  4. Ben_SCN

    Urgently need more servers

    That ratio is quite a big red flag.. hopefully they'll be an increase in the coming days :(
  5. Ben_SCN

    Solved Sending Crash reports doesn't work

    I can't send reports either. Just get an Azure error :(
  6. Ben_SCN

    Server Files

    It's been previously mentioned that Private servers won't be available from the very start but it is on their to-do list! At least we have the game now :grin:
  7. Ben_SCN

    SCN Events - Your favourite weekly event!

    Thank you for visiting SCN Event's Taleworlds Page We plan on hosting weekly events across the majority of game modes that Bannerlord has to offer. As of right now, Private servers aren't currently a thing ( Sad face :cry: ) so we will be using this page to keep Clan / group leaders updated on...
  8. Ben_SCN

    Buying from TaleWorlds or Steam

    15 minutes till release! :D
  9. Ben_SCN

    Buying from TaleWorlds or Steam

    Make sure you're logged onto your TW account on the main page. Top right -> My Games -> Add New Game -> Your Steam key / Other key's
  10. Ben_SCN

    Buying from TaleWorlds or Steam

    Does anyone know if the discount applies on steam or only directly through TW?
  11. SCN Events - Your favourite weekly event!

    SCN Events - Your favourite weekly event!

    More info coming soon.
  12. Ben_SCN

    who is waiting ???

    Working remotely, Bannerlord steam page on one screen and work on the other :grin: