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  1. Veith

    Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    I dont have a PS5 or any console before, but PS5 players could test for now more than 2 years bannerlord? As i started EA from beginning i was glad finally new M&B in development. But clear after tenths of months ''playing'' that gaming comes into years. ''Some'' PS5 users dont play any PC games, so it is now something absolutely new for them and so surely exciting. But really i am not able to test any PS5 games, is that Bannerlord version so different comparing to PC?
  2. Veith

    Releasing the game in this state feels like a slap in the face

    @Fistochat, clear the expectations are growing into the far sky over years and years, thats perhaps also a ''problem'' :wink: Mount and Blade works now more than 15 years and i am sure there will be some more years. That i wait for mods is i think also normal after more than a decade playing that game concept (clear seomtimes also a year of pause^^) But i am sure mods will match my taste in a better way, was in past for M&B the same. And if the platform is fine for modding then it is finally fine.
  3. Veith

    Releasing the game in this state feels like a slap in the face

    It is curious as i started with Mount & Blade, was perhaps 2006?? you could fight on a funny map ''3'' groups of looters, nothing more and that independant development went further and further to something greater and greater, finally even better...with mods. Sure Bannerlord is comparing to the beginning splendid, but the enthusiastic goal of Talesworld itself to bring really greater gameplay for and with ''mounts'' and ''blades'', finally didn't keep what everyone had expected or promised in the end. For me nevertheless not curious that i will play the probably great mod-overhauls because there is nothing, absolutely nothing on the game-market comparable with M&B. That is factly more sad than Bannerlord is not the game many folks wanted.
  4. Veith

    SP Medieval Europe Campaign Map

    As i first had have a look months ago on this mod there was more a feeling of a single enthusiast with much many energy (Lemmy ^^) who try something which cannot be handled as a 'single'. But not only Lemmy's map developed more and more with success also the whole entire development. Great!
  5. Veith

    Releasing the game in this state feels like a slap in the face long they dont spit.... :grin:
    Clear many folks arguing the main programm must be finest polished, but factly in much many games modders are the polisher, main devs more rough workers. Because thats more than often i am a mod-waiter, sad, but curiously not strange, more common.
  6. Veith

    Waiting for mods to catch up

    I tested, played Vanilla and some mods nearly after every patch. But now after release i wait more for especially huger, great total overhauls, but will first try again, if those are at least really overhauled or playable (not only testable in earliest stage). And for those i am interested it will take still some time for development. But so i agree to the thread staarter, i am far away to hate Bannerlord, there is more love in my air :grin: But sure... often what you like you have a special look on it.
  7. Veith

    B Medieval Mount & Blade II: Shokuhō - The New Gekokujo for Bannerlord

    It is clear, most interested folks looking nowadays in discord for special mod-news (if a channel exists :grin:) but it is fine also for common forum users some important news will be posted.

    Great news about that very interesting project/development!
  8. Veith

    SP Medieval Dell'arte della guerra

    ah okay
    well again, the modders should take all the time they need :smile:
    it's just that i got too excited staring at the map, you can thank EU4, VIC2, HOI4 and CK2 for making me stare into maps :wink:
    For me that mod is also my main interest of all Bannerlord mods. Clear there are fine other developments in work, but that period is my favourite... and the conversions of the models are until now more than only great, i see still no (foul) compromises reasoned by fashionable tastes, thats fine.
    Sure there is a probability all focus on War of the Roses, with at least all British Islands.
    Now nearly years ago it was promulgated half eurasia and northern africa will be playable but with the ambitions of the modders of wanted presented details the War of the Roses will be anyway a real challenge and enough work, more than enough. I dont expect next 'western europe' as part of the mod and if then in farfar future, if.... and the other first plans are clear put back in mind.
  9. Veith

    SP Medieval Dell'arte della guerra

    Mod is very alive, but you cant expect anything soon. But we are open for ppl which want to help in development.
    If i speak or chat with some folks also interested in Dell'Arte often still think the mod will cover from beginning all europe and parts of asia or africa. Also it is mentioned on moddb that War of the Roses will be topic, at least first.
  10. Veith

    SP Medieval Dell'arte della guerra

    The development is alive and massive work in progress, no sorrows about. Perhaps not all folks knowing, but it is mentioned, it will be War of the Roses (not ''half'' world as mentioned last year), and towns, all equipment will be totally changed to the british Islands of that period in best possible researched and converted way (clear also with fitting merceneries). But that takes time also for first public test versions. So finally look forward to probably early next year and then to an astonishing fine researched result. No haste needed. Ok at x-mas would be fine, but thats to much 'wish' :wink:.
  11. Veith

    SP Fantasy The Land Of Sika

    Modders are and must be enthusiasts, if they ''work'' for their hobbies in such an astonishing fine (and comparing to the main BL development fast) way (sure, not seldom for modders).
    I will surely try because it is as far as i know the first more or less fully playable total overhaul. But i think not the end of the road. Some of the promised coming mod-tools will be surely not bad for further ideas to realize.
    A bit sad *sniff*... it is fantasy setting, anyway ''gameplay' still founded on M&B :smile:
  12. Veith

    New Large MOD! Main Story/World Map/New Equipment/New Culture/All Troops/Destroy Kingdom...And MORE

    Some coming mods must wait for necessary mod-tools those mods demand.
    Here we have something different now... and perhaps even more additions when the tools are coming. Also now playable surely not means end of development and possibilities. A fine release for those who themselves asking where the huge mods are.
    Anyway i need to wait still for ''my'' prefered historical mods (without being h(i)yst(o)erical) :wink:
  13. Veith

    Bannerlord Full Release Date Updates

    You say that because you haven't played with mods. I said so too until I played with mods. Now I can't imagine playing without them. A lot of mods should be in vanilla, but unfortunately there aren't. I am not talking about unknown, but such basic mods.
    If Bannerlord will be released there will be also released some very needed mod-tools for the ambitious modders. And i am sure the experienced modders have a contact to TW for their 'needs'.
    Anyway it is clear (PC) Bannerlord will be designed not only with a modding possibility, more as a mod-platform. And if ''only'' the busy fine work of changing unit and building appearance, even gameplay changes. But also interesting will be there can be additions not only variations.
    Also i would like if Vanilla would have some of the fine mods, all cannot be implemented and so i like more mods which overhaul all for itself and not only implement some existing smaller mods.
    If you see p.e. the coming 'Eagle Rising', 'Europa Ad Bellum', 'In the Name of Jerusalem II' or 'Dell'arte della Guerra', (and clear more) those are all total overhauls (with fitting new maps, cultures and much more) which need the future mod-tools for their changes. Those mods are more new games than only alterations (i am still astonished folks have such an enthusiasm for those results). And those mods cannot implemented to vanilla because there is no need for. If folks want to play those surely great mods then they must buy anyway the original Bannerlord. And a console can't offer that and that makes me a console only to a very low-limited game-box, totally uninteresting.

    I show here an example of first gameplay impressions of Dell'arte della Guerra (and for me really an impression), in a youtube video... that has nothing to do with Vanilla bannerlord but Bannerlord is needed as platform for that! Sure thats only fine if you like late 15ct ''steel'' in Britain. :wink:
  14. Veith

    Bannerlord leaked for consoles?

    Ultimately, customer decisions dictates the path of gaming industry. Consoles seems to be always holding down the quality of games.
    It is clear the PC is a workstation with many possibilities, consoles are made for consuming games and not more, and thats ok, but the products must functioning from beginning and clear fit the momentary tastes. For PC there are so many sometimes lowest budget indy products sometimes fitting only the producers taste :wink:... in any directions and any qualities. I never had a console, as modding was possible decades ago :smile: i tried myself changing some PC games, par example first of some strategical games by 'SSI' the bitmap vehicles and units were all grey and i put some different camouflage on those isometrics. Very long time ago (last millenium) :grin: but thats for me PC 'gaming' not only play 'a' game, also play 'with' the game. But factly i see no single advantage for the PC version in the momentary phase of Bannerlord if you split the production energy and power.
  15. Veith

    Which Series of Old Games Have You Replayed During Bannerlord EA?

    The Attila base game is, for the most part, comple rubbish. But the 1212 mod manages to sidestep a lot of the worse parts of the game, and is one of the best total war experiences out there.
    Hm, i got Attila really for the mods now, so Vanilla is not a must be? I didn't try.
  16. Veith

    Which Series of Old Games Have You Replayed During Bannerlord EA?

    Absolutely. Dearth Mod for Napoléon and MK1212 for Attila. The 40x version of Darth Mod for me is canon Napoleon, where army sizes can get into tens of thousands; it's an incredible experience, hundreds of cannons shaking the earth - that immersion factor of sheer size!
    Medieval Kingdoms 1212 is also the best French-clapping simulator after Medieval 2.
    ... so now i tried that Attila mod (1212), Attila quite new for me, but that mod must be :wink:
  17. Veith

    Why does TW hate Vlandians?

    I think the bulky bit is just to impress the male body type -- for the longest time, fantasy warrioress were bikini-clad amazons, they are lucky to get pauldrons, let's the cultural imprints are still there -- inverse triangle upper torso simply looks more impressive. Part of that might have also been the pop-culture fantasy of the American cartoons in the 80s. So the thought process was likely muscle-bound Heman/Conan/what-have-yous gonna wear armour? Bigger torso! Giant pauldrons!

    Take Warhammer, for example, their normie humans wore mostly normal armour, though yes, the higher-ups are quite decorated. But the northern barbarian baddies wore armours with pauldrons, when modelled-as-depicted and used in the Warsword Conquest mod, blocks the vision in first person view -- though this also has to do with how games render first person views is different from how we'd see from two eyes.

    The one on the left is a normal dude with rich parents and maybe trained alot. The one on the right does 1,000 push-ups every day since birth, in the winter, outside in the snow, and has supernatural strength granted to them by otherworldly dieties.
    ...and that definitely without steroids! :grin: (but sure perhaps even with magic!) :wink:
  18. Veith

    Why does TW hate Vlandians?

    I have never understood the real reason why (especially in fantasy) armour must look most times clumsy, albeit '''magnificently decorated'' (sometimes). Perhaps had first something to do with sportsfellows like american footballer or (ice) hockey players, both looking more like Hulks. Similar to weapons, a sword or axe looking like 50 pounds in weight is not really combat-ready. Perhaps i was even in past to old as those fantasy started :wink: but for M&B it is something 'new'. (shall fit to console?)^^
  19. Veith

    1.8.0 Player feedback thread

    Maybe but that is one of the attitude in the community that I dislike. Feast overrated, marriage in WB overrated, books overrated, drunk in the tavern overrated, suspicious man overrated, companions in WB overrated so on and so forth. And now what we got in Bannerlord is just battles.
    Thats it... Every content bringing some mood into the world that is something fine for my taste of gaming. Ok if someone plays only 'single battles' then all campaign and sandbox content is not needed. But i play sandbox and so clear i dont want much sand in the box more every aspect of lifelike behaviour for the game... if possible.
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