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  1. Need More Info d3d crashes at launch

    Good news! This issue has been fixed in Beta 1.9.0!!!
  2. Need More Info d3d crashes at launch

    Still the same issue with V1.1.00. you can refer to my posts:
    still without any answer.
    The bug appears both when I create a new character and when after I loaded a save the map begins visible
    Sent crash report 2023-02-04_20.58

    PS I increased virtual memory size: no change to the D3D issue.
  3. Need More Info Graphic issue for months

    The message of error is D3D_device_context_->Map at rglGPU_device::lock_texture Failed.
    It happened with the V1.0.2.8368.
    My NVidia GPU driver is up to date.
  4. Need More Info Graphic issue for months

    Crash uploads were sent before I made the clean install and after it, computer freezes everytime.
    Before the clean install, I could see a pop up mentioning D3D issues but I couldn't make screenshots.
  5. Need More Info Graphic issue for months

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Character generation Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: W 10 GPU: GTX 1080i GPU Driver Version: NVidia 527.56 CPU: i9 11900K RAM:32 Motherboard:Asus Z 590-F Storage Device (HDD/SSD):SSD...
  6. Resolved Minor Faction lords and children have no skills or traits.

    Same problem for me, playing 1.5.0. Children were born without any skill or traits. They don't get anything when they get 18. Moreover, they can't gain any level. My elder child has 1785XP and I can't level her up, even if she is in my party...
    Nothing changed when I installed 1.5.1.
  7. In Progress Perks not working

    That's amazing. It is now 2 months that perks are not active! What a joke!
  8. In Progress Perks not working

    I forgot to mention it but he is Quartermaster.
  9. In Progress Perks not working

    I don't get any XP on Steward skill even if I stay several days in my own city. My character has reached in that skill lvl 246 and 341XP, with his INT at 4.
  10. Companion holding?

    The same thing happened to me after a mountain bandits hunt near Jaculan, in which I took part...
    May be it can help to fix it, at least avoid such issue.
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