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  1. What do you want from the 1.1 patch?

    1.Advanced diplomacy and policies(e.g rebellion,alliance,civil election)
    2.Feast and festival
    4.Batter optimization for lower computer specs
    5.More interaction of nobles and clans
    6.Educational system for children
    7.365 days per year
    8.Random event
  2. Custom Troops

  3. Kingdom and Diplomacy suggestions

    Alliances and non-aggression treaties between factions could help with reducing the snowball effect as seen in the current build of the game.

    Casus belli, on the other hand, could stop wars from going on for too long and make for some more interesting scenarios that have been mentioned in this thread such as a civil war.
    Exactly!It can increase the value for diplomacy and kingdom management.It's too simple about that in the current version.
  4. Kingdom and Diplomacy suggestions

    Totally agree!I think we need alliance treaties and casus belli in diplomacy.Wars between lords in the factions and independent war is enabled.
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