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  1. Smithing Masterwork Weapons 1.0.11

    There is currently a problem when smithing weapons in the base game with the perk Master-Smith unlocked (Level 200 skill). If you succeed in smithing a weapon with increased stats the weapon arrives in your inventory, unfortunately, if you have just been crafting the same weapon with no luck and...
  2. Forest Bandits Hideouts and more Hideout Fixes

    I was thinking the Forest Bandit Hideout map needs a change. The Forest Bandits all aggro as soon as you attack most of the groups / mobs and given the difficulty of trying to change the line of sight of units I reckon the way to fix the hideout easily is to change the map to have more cliffs/...
  3. Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    Bannerlord improvements from my experience so far:

    Forest Bandits; map need to be more linear, calling in 40+ archer buddies to shoot at your men ain't fun or balanced, perhaps more cliffs need to be added like the desert/ mountain bandit camps.

    Bandit lairs in general; army should scale to the force faced, having 9 men for a lair filled with 100 bandits is beyond challenging, for every ~10 bandits above 30, 1 man should be added to your party.

    Smithing; I don't mind the grind, honestly it's a big money maker, but please give me quests related to smithing that give me a chance to get some of the schematics at random (free a master blacksmith/ help him get materials), or move the perk to unlock more away from the iron/steel/ refining path, perhaps adding books to splurge some money on and unlock weapon parts to smith. (I could go up the dual skill tree with a companion I suppose.. but leveling smithing with one just to unlock schematics and splitting smithing xp between the refiner and the weapon smith would be awful)

    A pop up tooltip for party size giving you the requirements for increasing it.

    More map varieties, mainly bandit lairs and some more open world I feel it could add a significant challenge/ enjoyment factor by mixing it up.
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