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  1. Pale colours on troop's armors

    Is anyone having this issue on 1.1.0? Some of my troops have very pale colours on their armors, so much that red becomes pink and black becomes grey, i've also seen white become some sort of wierd shade of pink. I've tried with banner editor mods as well as vanilla with no mods installed and...
  2. Renown and Influence bug not fixed

    Nvm i found out that the Party AI and overhaul mod was bugging the renown gains
  3. Renown and Influence bug not fixed

    How is it possible that this bug is not fixed after months? It's basically the core aspect of the game, how are you supposed to play any role in kingdom decisions without any influence? What's the point in being a mercenary if you won't get any compensation for your work? Are we supposed to get...
  4. Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Fixed a set of bugs that prevented renown and influence from being gained in battles.
    Try again...
  5. I tried playing Bannerlord without Mods.......

    TW needs to release the mod tools asap.
    Mod tools have already been released, i think there's some problem in the coding that makes modder's life a lot harder
    While that is true, if they released all the mod tools wouldnt that equal more people buying the game and a steady player base?
    That's exactly my point. Their greediness can be their demise
  6. I tried playing Bannerlord without Mods.......

    Consoles equal more money to them
    In the short term sure. But if they release a product that doesn't support mods because of consoles, the game will die within the next year. I recently went back to AWOIAF recently and i had a blast, the only thing i find better in bannerlord is horse's manouvering. I find it silly that a modded game almost 12 years old can be so much funnier than a brand new game
  7. I tried playing Bannerlord without Mods.......

    The modding community is saving this game
    The modding community saved warband too. Let's be honest, vanilla WB is plain boring after a couple of hours, i think i've played it not more than 10-15 hours while having hundreds and hundreds of hours on mods. PoP, Perisno, AWOIAF, ACOK, TLD... Even Viking Conquest is a mod at the end of the day (made by the brytenwalda team if i recall correctly). Warband is just a mediocre product in reality and Bannerlord will be no different. Modders will make the game great. I really hope that TW stops this EA pantomime and release the most mod friendly product possible so that modders can do the rest but, as the Kingdom of Arda team open letter stated, they're not doing that either. I'm no modder and i can't really do anything except modifying some xml, but i believe that what is creating so much problems is the console release. In my opinion the game should have a PC only release since i don't think consoles support mods, the base game is not worth the price and probably will never be.
  8. Which Cosmetic Changes Would be Important for You?

    - No two handed swords on the back
    - No more items magically glued to our character's back (shields in WB are held by a strap when you put it away)
    - Unique factions armors (actually vanilla's troops look like clowns with their mismatched gear)
    - No mittens for archers
    - Using only one hand while using two handed weapons on horseback (it looks so weird when you hold your lance with two hands if you don't have a shield)
    - Fixed clans banners since many clans have their banner off-centered or overlapping with other parts of it
    - Changes in party compositions ( Battanians have way more cavalry than Vlandians and way less archers than any other factions even if they should be heavily archer focused)
    - Fix armor's models (the rough bear skins used to look way better, now it looks just like a giant ball of mud)
    - Add cloth physics to every armor
    - More horse bardings
    - Give each empire faction more flavour based on their geographical locations instead of making them all clones. Northern empire could be more norse inspired, the western empire more roman inspired and the southern empire could retain that byzantine feel it has now
    - Customizable troop trees when you create a kingdom
    - Customizable items holstering (i really liked the crossbow hanging on the side instead of having it glued on the back)
  9. Rock Paper Shotgun - Is Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord better after a year in early access?

    Performance wise, the game improved quite a bit. Content wise, not so much. After a year of EA we have basically the same features we had at launch. In my opinion the game we have now is just the chassis of what we hope it will become, if it will i don't honestly know anymore.

    Factions are still unbalanced (looking at khuzaits), no feasts, marketplaces are still lackluster and missing tons of stuff even after a year of economy related fixes that only made caravans and workshops useless, no feasts, there's little to no diplomacy, no feasts, still some annoying visual bugs such as characters turning into mudballs while wearing specific gear, no feasts, still some broken perks, no feasts, the only purpose of castles is to drain your cash, have i already mentioned that there are no feasts?

    In the end i think that TW focused on the wrong things to work on, adding some new armor pieces (some of them look awful too), caring too much about player's cash gain. The only important thing they did was working on perks.

    I personally wouldn't reccommend anyone to play the game in it's current state, it turns very quickly in a boring constant battle. There's no strategy involved since every playthrough seems scripted to me, Khuzaits will steamroll everything sieging the same settlements in the same pattern. I've tried to start some playthroughs as sturgia and it turns out always the same. Make peace with vlandia after a couple of big battles, then khuzaits declare war and invade with an army composed of 2k+ and another of 1.5k+ while sturgia can deploy a grand total of maximum 1k. This is the pattern i see in every playthrough (i have more than 500 hours on the game) and that's the pattern i see happening since launch.

    The only hope i have is that TW is working on a lot of stuff simultaneously and will manage to release a finished game after a year of EA as they stated at the beginning. But i doubt it. I think the game will be in EA at least untill the end of 2021, then we'll see what modders can do to improve the game.
  10. "Arrow deflection" for two-handers in 1.4.1e

    there's a reason why bannerlord doesn't have unicorn mounts and magical healing potions
    But you can carry 4 spears glued on your back, you can still use a shield even if it has 25 arrows and 16 javelins stuck in it, you can shoot a bow with mail mittens, you're able to draw a sword from you back, couch lance through unlimited amount of enemies without damaging your lance. All these things are way more unrealistic than hitting an arrow with your sword so, as i already said in another post, the realism point is nonsensical. The realism paladins should really get some informations on reality and be consistent on their requests.

    Whacked by a rod of wood thats coming over 100 mphs, or get speckled by a shower of splinters.
    Agree on splinters, Bannerlord's armor can't do anything against them :iamamoron:
  11. "Arrow deflection" for two-handers in 1.4.1e

    Once more, this means that people who don't want to pick this perk have one less option to choose from. It's not a damage or block setting that we can change from the menu, it's part of your character progression.
    Agree on that, but there are things way more unrealistic in this game so, honestly, i don't see the point in asking to remove the perk for the sake of realism while accepting all the rest. Plus the perk clearly reads that you can deflect arrows only when switching block position which requires a really good timing and clearly it's not that easy to pull off, moreover i think it's just one arrow at the time so you will still be pelted by arrows when facing multiple archers. Maybe people will stop complaining if they make it a chance to deflect, say like 25%. But still i don't think this is the most unrealistic thing in the game, in fact i think that this could easily be the last thing that needs to be changed if they wanted to go full realism mode.
  12. "Arrow deflection" for two-handers in 1.4.1e

    Why so much noise for a perk? If you don't like the perk, just don't pick it, the AI will never be able to use that perk anyways so people ranting about this will eventually forget its existance. Moreover, to people complaining about it being unrealistic, which is not (luck is a factor in life), i wanted to point out that we have weapons magically glued to our backs, arrows penetrating plates, swords cutting through mail and scabbards on our backs (luck can't help in these cases). So before removing a perk in the sake of realism we should think about getting the other things addressed too, because if i get lucky i can deflect an arrow with a sword, but i will never be able to draw a sword from a back scabbard in real life :wink:
  13. Are the new one handed and two handed perks better or worse?

    Good concept but bad implementation in my opinion. From a combat perspective some are broken OP, lords with very high proficiencies can swing at the speed of light. Regarding the captain role i don't know if it works for AI autocalc or the army leader as well as the captain commanding that unit. I would like to see a new role for companions linked to these perks, like footmen/ranged/horsemen captain role that you can assign to companions who will command respective troops when you autodelegate, so that part of the perks won't be useless for companions.

    In the end i think they are on the right path and i'm looking forward for the next skills rework. I hope to see less redundancy in perks, i don't think is worth to have perks doing the same thing in different skills like using any bow/crossbow on horse in both riding and weapons skills.
  14. Resolved Crash After Conflict

    The mod was "Distinguished Service"
    I've never used that mod, it has to be a different issue for me. I tried with and without mods, it happens anyway. I don't think it's related to mods, it has to be some problem with the native game.
  15. Is there a mod to spawn fewer but larger bandit group?

    Wonder why he didn't put out a "stand alone" bandit merge mod
    You can easily edit the settings as you like and activate only that function, it's better to have more options to chose from in my opinion. The lord retreat function is quite helpful in my opinion, specially if your faction is getting steamrolled, they won't lose the entire army after one unlucky battle and start from scratch again
  16. Is there a mod to spawn fewer but larger bandit group?

    This mod will merge bandit parties along the other things you can modify editing the settings file. As you download it, everything will be disabled, so you need to actually activate it's functions by editing the settings files.

  17. Resolved Crash After Conflict

    Hello @uçanbiblo , sadly i got this error again. This time the game shuts down mid battle giving the same "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error. Here are the links to my save and also the diagnostic report that pops up when the game crashes:
    I hope it will help
  18. Not elegible for fiefs

    Currently in beta 1.4 it seems that i'm never elegible in fiefs elections. I have only one castle but the clans showing up have always multiple fiefs ,no matter if i take part in the siege or if i lead the army that captured the fief myself. I led the army that conquered 3 towns (Ortysia...
  19. Resolved Crash After Conflict

    Hi all, if you are still having the problem, can you please share the corrupted save files with us? You can post them under this thread or send me via DM.
    Hi, i deleted the old save files and started a new game because the patch notes mentioned that the fixes for the crashes weren't retroactive and in fact thay did not work. So far i'm not experiencing any crashes but i'm still in an early stage of the game (not even day 50). I will share the save if the issue will happen again. Thanks for looking into this :grin:
  20. Where's the patch, TW.

    What is the beta branch issue? I'm playing on beta branch daily and not seeing any glaring issues.
    For me is a really gamebreaking crash that happens when fighting big battles or pressing the "Done" button after battle ends. I did have no problem at all with beta since now, but the last hotfix broke it for me, i can't progress any campaign no matter how many times i start over it will eventually happen.
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